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Dawson to Hopkins: I Know You’ll Keep Your Word

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Former WBC Light Heavyweight Champion “Bad” Chad Dawson wishes to congratulate Bernard Hopkins for his record-breaking victory last Saturday night against Jean Pascal.

With his unanimous decision, Hopkins became the oldest fighter to ever win a world title.

Hopkins is now obligated to face Dawson in his first defense because it was Dawson who stepped aside to allow a rematch of the controversial Pascal-Hopkins draw first, in exchange for an appearance on the show’s undercard bout and the right to face the winner.

Dawson defeated fellow former champ Adrian Diaconu in the main supporting bout that night, keeping his end of the bargain he struck with the main event fighters’ camps.

Unfortunately, one of the first messages to come from new champion Hopkins’ camp came when promoter Richard Schaefer told ESPN he would “look for contract loopholes” that would allow Hopkins to fight someone other than Dawson.

“Bernard, I’m sure you would agree I allowed your fight to happen. You said at the press conference I was next. I know that besides being a great champion, you’re also a person of your word, so I look forward to facing you later this year,” said Dawson.

Dawson’s promoter, Gary Shaw of Gary Shaw Productions, echoes Dawson’s sentiments. “Bernard, congratulations on the wave of good will you are currently riding. You deserve it. I know you’ll do the right thing and keep your word against Chad. We are looking forward to a terrific fight.”

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