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Robb Dazzles Reno; Fairfield Next June 24th

Exciting super featherweight Guy Robb continued his unbeaten run with a victory over the rugged and experienced Noe Lopez Jr. at the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada this past Friday night and already has his ring return scheduled for June 24th at the Fairfield Sports Center in Fairfield, California.


Robb (4-0, 1 KO) of Sacramento, California put his colorful style and lightning-quick hand speed on full display over the course of four-rounds en route to the shutout decision over Lopez (7-8, 4 KOs) of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. All three judges handed in cards that read 40-36 for Robb. The only negative for Robb was that the ESPN2 audience did not get the chance to get a peak at the burgeoning prospect, as his bout came on after the main event had ended.


Lopez marked a considerable step-up from Robb’s recent opposition, and was a southpaw, which Robb’s manager Repo Ric did not come to realize until after he signed the fight. “I thought I made the wrong move by getting him a southpaw, which I didn’t know he was a southpaw until the very last minute,” admitted Repo. “So I thought I made the wrong move by not getting him enough ring experience against southpaws. He had fought one as an amateur, but he was an amateur three years ago. But I was really impressed with how he handled him and I am going to take him to the next level.”


Though he has been the superior technical boxer in every fight of his pro career, Robb has shown a predilection for mixing it up at times. For this reason, Robb’s manager draws comparison to one of Sacramento’s fighting legends. “His trainer is Ray Woods and Ray Woods is Diego Corrales’ daddy,” explains Repo. “And I am looking at another Diego Corrales, and not because his trainer is Corrales’ daddy, but it is the fact that the kid has heart. You can’t give a kid heart. The kid likes to brawl, and you can’t make a kid brawl. That’s what Diego Corrales was all about. It’s not that Ray Woods is making Guy fight like Diego Corrales, because no he is not. It’s just that I am looking at another Diego Corrales, and it just so happens that it is his daddy training Guy Robb.”


Robb credits his trainer for his adaptable fighting style, which was impressively varied and flashy on Friday night. “My trainer, Ray Woods, is the best,” proclaims Robb. “He teaches me all kinds of angles and combinations. I really know how to mix it up, it is just a matter of whether I go out and do it or not. In that fight it just came out, but we worked on all those things. I work with the man, my trainer is the man.”


Friday’s bout marked a move down from lightweight to super featherweight, which has a 130-pound limit. Robb weighed in two pounds under at 128, and his manager and trainer see him campaigning at the 126-pound featherweight division in the near future. “He’s down to 128, and eventually he’ll be down to 126,” says Repo. “He has power, and he needs to go down to where his power is really at.”


Power was definitely on Robb’s mind in Reno, as he fought for the first time on a show promoted by Goossen Tutor Promotions. “I really wanted to make an impression on the Goossens and take him out, but I tried a little too hard and it didn’t happen,” said Robb. “But that is all a part of learning. You just have to just let the knockouts happen.”


Even without the knockout, Robb’s manager believes the impression was made on the Goossen team. “I got feedback from their news media person and one of their main workers,” explains Repo. “I haven’t talked to the Goossens yet, but three different people came up to me and said they called the Goossens, and these are the people that look at fighters for the Goossens. They know I am a hard worker and they figure I will bring them hard workers, so they will give me a chance. If they take a chance on Guy Robb, they are taking a good chance, because they do see the potential in Guy Robb.”


“The Gosssens’ shows – the whole experience is grand,” says Robb. “You feel important and it makes you want to do your part and help them deliver a great show. So I just went out there and tried to do that and hopefully succeeded.”


Next up for Robb is a return to Fairfield, California, just a short drive from his Sacramento home, on June 24th. Robb has fought there twice before, and quickly become a favorite of the crowd and the local promoters. “They want him on the 24th because he is a crowd-pleaser, he’s a hell of a fighter and he brings a crowd,” says Repo.


The Fairfield Sports Center has quickly become Robb’s home venue, and he looks forward to putting on another show for his local fans. “It is always the best to be a part of the Fairfield shows, because Fairfield has some great fighters,” says Robb. Paco, Don Chargin and Golden Boy, they do a terrific job putting on those shows. The Fairfield Sports Center gets packed with energy and it is always a pleasure to be a part of it.”


No opponent has been signed yet for Robb, but he vows to be ready for whoever they bring. “I always train hard, no matter what,” says Robb. “Whoever I fight, I am always training like I am fighting a monster or a giant. If I find out about the opponent, I’ll find out, but either way I will be training hard.”


Monsters and giants sign up, Robb is ready.


Tickets for the June 24th event, promoted by Don Chargin Productions, Paco Presents and Jorge Marron Productions, are available at Paco’s Mexican Restaurant in Woodland (530-669-7946), the J.L Tepito Boxing Club in Fairfield (707- 384-8420), Baldo’s Mexican Food in Fairfied (707-426-6130) and La Charrita Mexican Market in Fairfield (707-434-8344).

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