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DemolitionDan Predicts this Weekend’s big fights

DemolitionDan Predicts this Weekends big fights

Yet another terrific weekend of boxing. A loaded weekend and let’s get right to it.

Let’s start off with the longtime former 175 WBO champion, Zsolt Erdei, he is making his 2nd straight fight in the States. He is taking on the former 168 WBA champion. That right there would say, hey this is a can’t miss fight. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Byron Mitchell’s career went south after two highly controversial decisions against Bruno Girard and Sven Ottke. He then fought Joe Calzaghe and was stopped in 2 back in 2003 and then retired. He came out of retirement back in 2007 and hasn’t been the same. He isn’t a top notch fighter anymore. He’s in the journeyman level now, and with all that said Zsolt Erdei shouldn’t have any problems with Mitchell and should stop in the mid rounds.

Let’s all give a warm welcome back to Mikkel Kessler.  It’s already been over a year since he fought Carl Froch in Denmark back in April. In a thrilling Fight of The Year candidate. He is having a homecoming fight, a tune up against Mehdi Bouadla. This is a good fight for Mikkel Kessler, a very easy fight, and we’ll see how he looks. Bouadla is slow, doesn’t move much stands in the pocket, and doesn’t have much pop. Kessler should have a field day and it shouldn’t take long for Kessler to get rid of Bouadla. I would say mid round stoppage for The Viking Warrior.

Jumping back over into the States we got Top Rank’s hot prospect, Mikey Garcia, fighting again for the 2nd straight time on HBO. Unfortunately, his opponent, Miguel Beltran Jr., was supposed to be a great stepup fight for Garcia, but he broke his hand and can’t fight Garcia. So, Rafael Guzman has stepped in. He has a glossy record, but this is a step down from Beltran. Guzman has no quality wins, but with him being a late replacement that could screw up Garcia a bit, but Garcia should still win with ease. Garcia by mid round stoppage.

Now, we get to the meat and potatoes of the weekend. Let’s star off with Vanes Martirosyan-Saul Roman. Aside the tuneup fight earlier in the year, Martirosyan has gotten a real good steady diet of very good opponents since 2008. Also, resume wise Martirosyan has one of the better resumes, underrated resumes, in all of boxing. Of all his 29 fighters only 3 have had a losing record. And then only 2 fighters have a record of .500, that means the other 25 fighters have been winning fighters. That is very very impressive right there. And going back to what I said, he has recently fought Harrison Cuello, Andrey Tsurkan, Willie Lee, Kassim Ouma, and Joe Greene just to name a few. He has a very impressive resume and skills to back it up. On the otherside of the ring we got Saul Roman. Very powerful fighter, big punch. Those 29 KO’s are not a fluke. He just hasn’t won the big fight yet, he’s got Ouma and I guess you can throw in Yori Boy Campas as well, but other than that he hasn’t won that big fight yet. He has experience though, he has been in the ring with Sergio Martinez, Yuri Foreman, Michael Medina, and Thomas Oosthuizen at 168 pounds. So, being in the ring with Martirosyan won’t intimidate him in the slightest. With all that being said, Martirosyan while he has decent skills and a very strong resume, he has a very leaky defense. I think Roman has a big chance to upend the very confident Armenian. First few rounds I see Martirosyan banking rounds, halfway through the fight though I think he gets tagged, gets hurt, but survives to win a very close and controversial decision.

Alright, how about the Gavin Rees-Andy Murray fight? Should, be a good one, really interesting fight. Gavin Rees is a high motored fighter that throws punches in bunches. He was trained by Enzo Calzaghe (now is trained by Gary Lockett), father of Joe Calzaghe, and when you look at him fight he is a mini Joe Calzaghe. Throws a lot of punches, awkward at times, starts showboating. He has all those traits that Calzaghe possessed. While Andy Murray is the opposite of that. He is a stand up fighter that likes to use precision to be effective. He is a solid all around boxer, he doesn’t do anything really bad, nor does he do anything great. Just a solid stand up boxer that throws out the 1-2 and looks to control distance. The key for this fight, though, I believe, is experience. This is a massive step up in class up in class for Murray. He hasn’t fought any quality opponents, he has a very very thin resume. Rees meanwhile has been tested, winning Prizefighter, beating John Watson, and losing to Andriy Kotelnik. I think that’s the key, how well will Murray swim in the deep end? I’m going to bank on Murray not being able to swim and he gets stopped in the championship rounds by the battle tested Gavin Rees.

I think this is a first. It is too bad this fight isn’t in Germany, because it would be much much easier to predict. Instead, the tables have turned and the German is coming to the States to take on the golden child, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. After 43 fights, Chavez is fighting a top 10 fighter. Last year, he took a nice step in competition beating up on John Duddy and after beating Billy Lyell, he somehow, warrants fighting Zbik for a strap at 160. Zbik’s last 5 fights have been top notch, including beating Domencio Spada twice. Going back to what I said at the top, if only this fight were in Germany, It would be much easier to predict. Unfortunately, this fight is a toss up in the States. Zbik, at the moment, I rate him much higher than Chavez, but with this fight being in the States and Chavez being a cash cow, I think he wins this fight by UD. Zbik doesn’t have KO power, and that will be a big problem, because I don’t think he is getting a decision. We all saw Kotelnik beat up Devon Alexander from pillar to post, but he didn’t get the decision…and that could happen in this fight. So, I’m taking the “safe” pick in taking Chavez Jr. winning by a highly controversial decision. I think it’s a pretty close fight, a close fight in which the majority would think Zbik wins, but Chavez gets the nod as he has $$$ written all over him.

Last, but not least, the Semi-final of the Super 6. Carl Froch will be taking on Glencoffe Johnson in Atlantic City. I think we all know who Carl Froch and Glen Johnson have fought so there is no need to talk about their resumes. They both have great resumes. Both are battle tested and don’t duck anybody. Stylewise, this definitely has the potential to be a great fight. Froch brings it, Johnson brings it. This is a must watch. Froch will be fighting off the back foot will be jabbing and throwing hooks and uppercuts from all angles while Johnson always fights the way he always fights. Gloves up, head bobbing and weaving and throwing 70-90 punches a round. I know, Johnson has great value, but I can’t see him beating Froch. I think it will be a great fight and it will be close, but I think Froch has that extra gear that will get him the nod. Allan Green was able to outbox and give Johnson problems, so Froch should be able to do the same and for those that think Johnson will knockout Froch in the 6-8 rounds. It ain’t gonna happen. Green got knocked out in 8….that means Froch won’t get knocked out in less than 8 rounds. Froch has much more determination and heart than Allan Green. If Froch gets knocked out, and I seriously doubt that he does, it’ll be in the last couple of rounds. Anyway, Johnson has his moments and wins his fair share of rounds, but I see Carl Froch winning by a close UD. In the 115-113, 116-112 range. I think early and in the mid rounds it’s a pretty even fight, but from rounds 8-12 Froch wins pretty clearly and wins the fight close, but clear. And of course, Glen Johnson will be crying about how he was robbed. I love Glen Johnson, but he’s a crybaby. Even if he loses a fight clearly he still cries. I think this is a guarantee since I do think this will be a close fight.


Mikkel Kessler vs. Mehdi Bouadla- Mikkel Kessler by KO
Andy Murray vs. Gavin Rees- Gavin Rees by KO
Sebastian Zbik vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.- Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by UD
Miguel Beltran Jr. (replaced by Rafael Guzman) vs Miguel Angel Garcia- Miguel Angel Garcia by KO
Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson- Carl Froch by UD
Saul Roman vs. Vanes Martirosyan- Vanes Martirosyan by UD
Byron Mitchell vs. Zsolt Erdei- Zsolt Erdei by KO

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