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Barrett succumbs to Munika




Southpaw lightweight, Ryan Barrett lost to Geoffrey Munika at the York Hall on Bethnal Green in a minor upset on Saturday night in what was a decent night’s entertainment.


Barrett started well, finding openings with ease and floored Munika in the second round with a left hook to the head. Munika was able to beat the count, but Barrett didn’t try to capitalise on the moment and go for a finish. Instead, he continued to take his time and box his opponent, dominating this round and the third.

The tide turned in the 5th when Barrett’s workrate dropped and Munika began to claw his way back into the fight, scoring with a right hook to the body and a left hook to the head.

The 6th started with both fighters exchanging punches, but Munika landed the more hurtful shots, forcing Barrett to hold. The bout came to an abrupt end at the bell when Munika found two body shots, left and right hooks to floor Barrett. The referee began the count and Barrett never made it, giving the victory to Munika.





Barrett will now have to go home to think very carefully about where he wants to go from here, but at a young age of 28, he has a reasonable amount of time on his side.

Ali Adams, the former heavyweight ‘Prizefighter’ contender won over Louis Byrne by a single point in a 4 rounder. Adams showed some impressive defensive skills early, bobbing and weaving out of the way of shots, but Byrne still managed to catch him with shots upstairs and down. There were moments when the two traded punches, although it looked as if Adams got the better of those. In the last round, Byrne did well to keep Adams at bay with head shots but Adams finished the round strongly by landing hooks that had Byrne holding. Adams won their bout by a 39-38 score.

Michael Devine continued his comeback in another 4 rounder against Dan Carr. Their bout started with the two boxers looking for shots, but not able to score with any telling blows. Devine began landing hooks and uppercuts in the second round as Carr came in, in an attempt to score his own and Devine managed to win the round. Devine was caught with a right hook to the head in the third that made the crowd “oooh” in shock. Carr began to bull rush Devine in the fourth and Devine found it difficult to control the pace, but nevertheless, scored a victory of 40-37.

There were a number of pro debuts on the bill, one of them being middleweight boxer, Billy Cayzer who scored a knockout in the first round over Jody Seawright. Cayzer started the fight by hitting Seawright with a left hook as he had to fight off the ropes. Cayzer found a left hook to the body that floored Seawright and his opponent was unable to make the count after trying to weave out of the way of the shots.

The rest of the results are as follows:

Diego Burton vs Iain Jackson – DRAW.

Sam Standing vs Aaron Fox – Standing (points).

Eder Kurti vs Jody Meikle – Kurti (points).

Brett O’Callaghan vs Matt Scriven – O’Callaghan (points).

Danny Connor vs Danny Dontchev – Connor (points).

Dan Woodgate vs Sabie Monteith – Woodgate (points).

Nathan Weisse – won (points).

Kris Agyei Dua vs Luke Osman – Osman (points).

Mark Adams – won (points).

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