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A Baker’s Dozen….13 Fights That could have happened

Dream matches are great to talk about. Could Dempsey have defeated Lennox Lewis? Could Liston have handled Joe Louis? How would Ali have done against the Klitschko brothers? All of these matches could have never taken place because the boxers fought in different eras. What about the matches that could have been made? The ones that we as fans were denied the pleasure of viewing for a number of reasons.

I’ve come up with thirteen from my era that could have been thrillers and the outcome of these matches could have changed fistic history.
How about Carlos Ortiz versus Jose Napoles at 135 pounds? Many say that was Napoles best weight. My pick…Mantaquilla by decision.
Emile Griffith versus Curtis Cokes at welterweight. Two classy boxers. It would have been a real chess match. My pick…Griffith by decision.
Henry Cooper versus George Chuvalo for the Commonwealth heavyweight title. I never understood why this match never came to be. My pick…Chuvalo by TKO.
Ken Buchanan versus Esteban DeJesus…What an entertaining fight this could have been. I’d have to go with DeJesus by decision in this one.
Victor Galindez versus John Conteh…The two best in the immediate post Bob Foster era. Too bad they never squared off. My pick…Galindez on a come from behind,late round TKO.
Carlos Palomino versus Pipino Cuevas…I’d have to take Palomino’s chin in this one. Carlos by a late round TKO.
Salvador Sanchez versus Eusebio Pedroza…How great would Sanchez have become? Pedroza was no slouch though. My pick…Sanchez on a close decision.
George Foreman versus Jerry Quarry. My they would have packed Madison Square Garden. I see Quarry starting well but Big George would eventually break him down and stop the game Quarry.
Ron Lyle versus Ken Norton…A slugfest while it lasted but I see Lyle taking Kenny out early.
Jeff Chandler versus Lupe Pintor…Chandler is in the Hall Of Fame. Pintor should be. My pick is Pintor winning a close decision.
Edwin Rosario versus Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini. Rosario had trouble with Jose Luis Ramirez. Ray clearly beat Ramirez. Nevertheless styles make fights and I believe Mancini was made to order for Edwin. A great action fight with Rosario winning by TKO.
Thomas Hearns versus Mike McCallum at any weight…I see McCallum taking everything the power punching Hearns dishes out. Then Mike comes on to halt Tommy in the later rounds.
Roberto Duran versus Tony Ayala Jr. at 154 pounds. Macho -vs- Macho…Power -vs- Power. Roberto would have been way to slick for Ayala. Bombs away but Roberto lands the last bomb.
How I wish these fights would have taken place.

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