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First, I want to get something off my chest. This is beginning to get out of hand with UFC employees vs. Boxers. Now I understand boxing is a very hard sport to compete at for a long period. I understand that after so many years of boxing a person can no longer compete in a 12 round war. So yes, I can understand why they would want to fight in UFC. A paycheck is a paycheck, when you can no longer do your job, you retire, but like most people, retirement tends to get dull and expensive, money will eventually disappear.

As we have seen in the not so distant past, boxers who are too old for glory in the ring will enter UFC for a paycheck, most recently we saw James Toney do such a thing. Let me say this, he received a very nice paycheck for 2 minutes of work. Did Toney fight a bum of a UFC employee? Did Toney call out a lower level UFC employee, NO! He wanted the best employee Dana could offer, and Toney received a fight with a so-called UFC Hall of Famer, Granted Toney lost on this night, but he did fight with one of UFC’s so-called best….

Now we get to the problem, Nick Diaz has called out Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy. Why is it, all the UFC employees want to box, but they will never call out anyone worth a shit. Lacy was a good boxer and still has plenty of skills, more then enough to beat the living ___ out of Diaz, but the point is why do they (UFC employees) think for one second they can even compete with boxers. I could see if they wanted to battle The Rock, or John Cena, but to think they can last 12 rounds is just ridiculous. I am so tired of hearing the one company being compared to the #1 sport on the world. I remember when Anderson “The Spider” Silva tried to box; he was Knocked Out in the second. Round by a bum. Then Silva wants to fight Roy Jones Jr. for crying aloud. Roy is way past his boxing prime… but I guess that is right up UFC’s league.

Let me get back to Diaz, ok he has one career fight in the ring, his record is 1-0 he beat Alfonso Rocha 0-1
now Diaz wants to call out Lacy who last won a fight in April of 2009, and has lost his past 2 fights last fight was in December of 2010. I hope Diaz does not think he gets respect from this potential fight. I know Lacy will drop Diaz but that is not what this is about, it is about UFC employees calling out old boxers trying to prove something. That is not how you go about things. If Diaz wants to prove he has some talent in the fight game, maybe he should call out a young boxer with life left in him. This so called battle between boxing and UFC is nothing more then Dana White trying to make his company out to be something its not. UFC is just a glorified version of WWE, nothing more, nothing less.

If UFC employees need money, which I am sure they do seeing how the highest paid UFC employee is Brock Lesnar, who made $400,000 for his title defense against Shane Carwin… I can just imagine what a person like Diaz makes per fight. Therefore, if it is just a money issue Diaz sure did pick the wrong person for that. I think its just White sending one of his young puppies into the real world, Maybe Diaz is the only employee willing to get in the ring with a real boxer.

I wish Dana White would just understand and except the fact that his company and his employees are nothing more then real wrestlers. Oh, he can kick good, hammer fist. Ground game? Get that entire BS. Out of here. Winning in the ring requires skill; Winning in the UFC requires luck. That it is all.

Kimbo Slice once said he wished he could have the self-control to be a boxer, and he even tried to make his pro debut, but Kimbo found out real quick, UFC employees have no real business in the ring with the real men!

UFC fans are the ones who started this whole thing about boxing being dead or that boxing is dieing. I admit the past two years where a little off, boxing was ill with flu like symptoms, but that is about it. Even then, boxers like Pacuiao was able to sell over 1 million PPV buys, 3 years in a row he sold over 1 million PPV buys. However, yes boxing had a cold, in 2009-10. Nevertheless, that is all over now, and we are alive and well in 2011. 2011 has been such a fantastic year so far. I cannot believe everything that is going on. If I did not see it with my own eyes, I would say you are lying, but I have watched it take place and I am loving every minute of it.

Not only are great fights being made, but great boxers are being beat. The year of “the 0 must go”, I would have never thought the outcomes of these fight were possible, so many young boxers have a one in the loss column now. This is great for boxing, and it should be great for the fans and media. More boxers with less to loss, makes for some great exciting fights for the future of this sport.

A week or so ago I wrote an article called “the best laid plans” now most of what I wrote will no longer come true seeing how the fights have turned out, and I am glad I stopped at middleweights. Most of what I wrote blew up in the month of April, but what can I do. One of the fights I was hoping for was, Martinez vs. Kirkland, Not going to happen anytime soon, thanks to Kirkland being KO’ed in round 1 of his last bout. However, back to being alive and well. Even with so many undefeated boxers losing their first fights, this year has been great. If this has anything to do with the lack of fights being made in the past, because of boxers trying to protect that 0, then my friends we have ourselves a wonderful and amazing future ahead of us. This great schedule of fights continues until at least June, and could go even further into the year.
If 2012-2013 are half as good as 2011, I will be in boxing heaven I hope you will to

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