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Meeting Joe Rostron

Meeting Joe Rostron

by Dave Allen

Joe Rostron was born on 15-2-1910 in Heywood Lanarkshire, turning professional at 15 years of age. This differs from the information on Boxrec that he turned pro at 16years of age, also his record is wrong in  the win/lost columns. Years ago I wrote to Joe and he sent me his proper record, compiled by the top record compiler at the time Vic Hardwick. This is not the view of Ringnews24, it is my own opinion and I would say the Vic Hardwick’s record is the correct one.

Joe Rostron’s career resulted in a record of 116 contest: Won 96, Lost 14, Drew 6. Joe retired at the grand old age of only 23 years of age. In all his contest Joe was only stopped once and that was down to the referee stopping the fight on a cut eye. That was against the very formidable Jack‘Iron’Casey; up to the stoppage Joe was behind on points but coming on strong in the bout.

Joe was a leading welterweight and beat some very top notch fighters in his day, beating the best from around the United Kingdom. Joe never managed to fight in London, nearly all his fights took place up ‘North‘. Back in the early 20s boxing was booming in the North of the country and many British Champions had there grounding in the northern rings.

Joe was managed by his father, who seemed to keep Joe very busy racking up 116 fights in an 8 year career in the ring. It’s a very fine record when you consider Joe never fought as a amateur. He only bouts in the gym to prepare him for a professional career. A career which saw him as one of the leading boxers in the ‘Welter’ division: which was full of great fighters.

Joe beat the great Jock McAvoy on points, but lost a return bout with Jock some three years later on points. He also beat the likes of Harry Mason, Glen Moody, Albert Johnson, and Archie Sexton. All leading top line fighters in their day

Joe, after he retired at 23, became a trainer to the Nottingham Police force boxing team, and his boxers won more police championship than any other police force boxing team. The team travelled all over Europe in competitions and ended up with numerous trophy’s.

Then Joe turned to refereeing and soon became a 5 star referee, controlling many bouts up on the Northern scene. So, you can see quite clearly Joe had boxing running through his veins. He spent a lifetime in different occupations in the fight game all his life.

Joe passed away on the 15-12-1993 at 83 years of age. Just before Joe died I corresponded with him. I have got a lovely signed photograph from Joe, also a couple of questions I was intrigued to know the answers to. I asked Joe, why he never fought in London for bigger purses?, he replied “that he boxed because he loved to and it was never the money“.
The last questioned I asked was: How good was Jock McAvoy and was Jock a hard puncher?

Joe said: “McAvoy was the best I ever met and could have been a World Champion, as for his punching power. I took a body shot from McAvoy and for a fortnight I could not bend down and tie my own shoelaces! Yes, Dave he could punch.”

Rest In Peace. Joe you were a credit to the fight game.

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