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Wayne Reed vows to end Robin Reid’s career

Wayne Reed vows to end Robin Reid’s career

Sheffield fighter aiming to put Prizefighter pain behind him on Saturday

Wayne Reed faces former WBC World Champion Robin Reid at the
Hillsborough Leisure Centre on Saturday – and says he’ll end the 40
year-olds career at the sell-out show live on Sky Sports.

Both men took part in the 17th edition of Prizefighter in Liverpool, and
while Reid crashing out to Tobias Webb by unanimous decision was a
surprise, it was the second quarter-final when Reed took on local
favourite Joe Ainscough that caused the controversy. The three-round
contest was tight until the final stages when Reed floored the Ainscough
before the final bell, seemingly enough to claim a place in the

But it was not to be, Ainscough took the split-decision and Reed’s
corner was livid. Reed has fought since – a points win over fellow
Sheffield man Dean Walker in April – and says that it is time to move on
from that contentious night in Liverpool.

“After Prizefighter I was in the gym the next morning and I was so angry
that I absolutely battered the bags,” said Reed. “But a week or so later
time is a healer so I was over it really, you just have to get on with
it, there’s nothing I could do about it.

“I lost the first round, won the second round and knocked him down in
the final round – so even if I was losing the final round I still won
the round, as it was I battered him and knocked him down so it had to be
a 10-8 round. If you were being very objective – and I know it’s all
about opinions – you could’ve said the second round was a draw, but even
then I won the fight by a point. That’s my opinion anyway, but it’s gone
now and all I can do is look forward, starting tonight.”

Reed may have got over the loss to Ainscough – only his second as a pro
– but when Walker and he were called into the Rotherham bout at 24 hours
notice, it was all people wanted to ask him about, much to his chagrin.

“When I fought Dean everyone kept mentioning Ainscough, the split
decision or Prizefighter and I got really annoyed,” said Reed. “I was
telling them that I was trying to get ready for another fight, shut up.
I was warming up and trying to get focussed and people were coming into
the changing room asking me about Prizefighter – I had to tell them to
get out in the end. It’s understandable as it was a shocker so people
are going to be able to talk about it.

“I said in my interview on Sky before Prizefighter that any publicity is
good publicity and to be fair it has got people interested in me – but
not for the right reasons. Having said that, everyone is coming to watch
me fight and I’ve sold a ton of tickets, well over 150 and I could have
sold more too. I can’t wait to get in there.”

And when he does get in there, he’ll face the former WBC World Champion
Robin Reid, who returned to the ring for Prizefighter after almost four
years away from boxing.

Reid’s decision to return to the ring for Prizefighter was befitting of
a man who always fought in the public eye. He won his WBC belt in 1996
and defended it three times before losing it in 1997 and then had
memorable title challenges against the likes of Sven Ottke, Silvio
Blanco and of course, Joe Calzaghe.

Reid had a warm-up bout before Prizefighter, but his last major fight
came in 2007 against Carl Froch in Nottingham when he lost to The Cobra
in a British title challenge. Tonight will be The Grim Reaper’s 49th
professional fight – and Reed is intending to make it his last.

“He’s old enough to be my Dad!” said Reed. “I’m going to end his career,
his time has gone. Prizefighter isn’t really made for him; he’s a twelve
round fighter who won’t come alive until after three rounds. I don’t
watch DVDs of my opponents but obviously I’ve seen footage of his old
fights. I’ve got nothing but respect for what he’s achieved but the
writing is on the wall for him.

“I’ve been on the weight for weeks so I’m in great shape and after this
I’m looking for a contract and an English title shot.”

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