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Macklin gives Sturm night to remember


Felix Sturm had to work hard against Matthew Macklin to retain his WBA middleweight strap tonight at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany.

Macklin came into the ring looking confident, soaking up the cheers of his supporters, while in typical German fashion, Sturm was accompanied by the sound and vision of major fireworks.

Macklin started well, landing body shots behind the elbow of Sturm, reddening his body  rapidly. Sturm stood in the ring taking the shots while popping off punches of his own but with nothing eye catching.

The trademark jabs of Sturm made their appearance at the start of the second, but Macklin came back with head and body shots, and using his own jab when he needed to in spurts.

The third followed almost the same pattern as the second, but in the fourth Sturm landed a left hook to the  body and head that rocked Macklin. Sturm also landed a good right uppercut, but it wasn’t enough to wilt the determination of Macklin.

Macklin took his first breather of the night as he held on to Sturm, and both guys traded hooks near the bell of the fifth.

The bout typically followed a back and forth pattern of both guys scoring big shots on the inside and out. Sturm suffered a cut at the site of his right eye near the end of the 11th. This wasn’t enough to boost Macklin’s chances, and the champion finished the 12th strongly, rocking his foe with left and right hooks to the head that almost had the challenger from Birmingham, England out on his feet. The bell saved him, and a little while later scores of 115-113 in favour of Macklin, and 116-112 twice for the champion were read out, and the German that once gave Oscar De La Hoya fits retained his title in a crowd pleasing bout!