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Klitschko and Haye weigh in!


Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye weighed in ahead of Saturday’s heavyweight unification showdown at the Karstadt Sporthaus in Hamburg.

Klitschko scaled 242lb, while WBA champion, Haye came in at 212lb, only two pounds heavier than when he fought Audley Harrison last November.

Loud cheers from the British supporters made up most of the atmosphere as they chanted, “There’s only one David Haye, walking in a Haye wonderland.”

At the stare down Haye began taunting Wladimir again, but the composed WBO, IBF and IBO Ukrainian champion just stood and stared at the brash 6’3 Haye.

“There was no real fixed plan for my weight but I wanted to be at my lightest, fittest and healthiest. I’m so proud to be involved in it and to be the guy that knocks the other unconscious is going to be a great feeling, to be the main man, at the pinnacle of the heavyweight division. I believe being the unified heavyweight champion is the pinnacle of the sport and I’m looking forward to going in there and claiming my rightly-deserved titles,” said Haye after.

Wladimir said, “I’ve been called a dead man walking before. But this dead man keeps walking! “And you know what? It’s OK the way Haye talks and represents himself. I’ll definitely enjoy the fight. I’ve been involved in this for the last two years and David Haye has been around, talking a lot, and now it is time for the talking to end.”

When asked if the taunting from Haye has had any effect on his mentality, Klitschko said, “I’m just more focused!”