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Austin Trout Proven Innocent

WBA Official Ruling: Trout Remains Champion

Sanctioning Body Wisely Invalidates Highly Suspicious Positive Drug Test

WBA Super Welterweight World Champion Austin Trout and his support team are relieved and yet admittedly still angry after receiving final word from WBA Executive Vice President Gilberto Mendoza, Jr. that the WBA has ratified Trout as champion and invalidates the result of a positive post-fight drug test taken in Mexico.

In early June, Trout successfully defended his title against David Lopez by unanimous decision only to be informed afterward that the results of a dubious drug test came back positive for marijuana.

According to Team Trout and promoter Greg Cohen, proper procedures and protocol were not followed. The urine samples they took were not sealed and Trout wasn’t asked to sign any paperwork.

For licensed medical professionals doing proper post-fight drug testing, a “Chain of Custody” process is employed including sealing the sample and filling out necessary paperwork.

Smelling a rat, immediately after arriving home, Team Trout had two more urine samples properly tested at a facility approved by The New Mexico Boxing Commission and sent them to the WBA. Both samples came back clean.

“I can’t point any fingers for legal reasons, but I suspect there was a plot to keep Austin from leaving Mexico with his title one way or the other. My fighter Austin Trout does not do performance enhancing or recreational drugs. He is a World Champion who takes great pride in always being in top condition and relishes the role of being a positive role model for today’s youth,” stated Cohen. “I’m happy the WBA was able to see through it quickly and allow Austin to continue becoming the great champion he is without undue interruption. I wonder how many other fighters who haven’t had the representation or resources to get their own tests have fallen victim to these kinds of unsavory acts.”

The WBA’s official invalidation of the drug test means Trout remains champion and is free to pursue a high profile showdown against Australia’s former WBA multi division World Champion Anthony Mundine.

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