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DemolitionDan Predicts the weekends fights (15-16 July, 2011)

This week is a bit of a downer compared to, well, pretty much the whole year. While there aren’t big match ups, there still are a couple of fights that are interesting.

Let’s start out with the fights on Friday, which are probably the best fights of the weekend. On ShoBox, Diego Magdaleno is a very good undefeated prospect. He’s got 19 fights, 19 wins, 7 via stoppage and his last 4 fights have come by way of stoppage. Which is interesting, because that’s been his toughest opposition is his fights recently, yet, he has been stopping them. A very good sign for a young prospect. He is coming into his own and knocking out good competition. His opponent, Alejandro Perez, definitely is good competition. Perez was once a young, undefeated prospect. He was up ended by journeyman Adolfo Landeros, avenged that loss though, so big ups there, but lost yet again to Rico Ramos, who just won a world title at 122 just last week. After that, he took the whole year of 2010 off, rejuvenated training at Wild Card gym and in his comeback fight knocked out Antonio Escalante in 1 round. I expect this fight to be good and it is very interesting. If Perez can pull off yet another upset, he is sky high, and another quality win keeps the Magdaleno train rolling for bigger and better things. As for a prediction I think this fight goes the distance. Magdaleon is a nice well rounded fighter. Keeps his hands up, good speed, good power. When he throws his back hand, the left, he does reach a bit and that leaves counter opportunities. As Antonio Escalante knows, that right hand Perez throws is very hard, and quick. Magdaleno needs to watch out for that and make sure he doesn’t get hit with that punch too often. I’ve got the prospect Diego Magdaleno getting tested, but wins a pretty close decision, close, but clear. I got him winning in the 97-93 range.

On Friday Night Fights we have an absolute war on paper. The tough Pawel Wolak is taking on the tough luck loser in Delvin Rodriguez. I say tough luck because Rodriguez has been screwed in pretty much all of his losses. Delvin Rodriguez is pretty much the new Glen Johnson. His last two “losses” were clear robberies and against the first fight against Hlatshwayo he was robbed. So, it’s easy to root for a guy like Delvin Rodriguez, but at the same time, Wolak is just as easy to root for as well. He is a tough, blue collar worker, and that is exactly his style he brings into the ring. Fast first, slug it out type fighter. He definitely brings the excitement which makes this fight on ESPN 2’s Friday Night Fights a can’t miss. Rodriguez is a skilled boxer, nice pop, and a big heart. Wolak, good pressure fighter, that will breakdown anybody and has good pop as well. I think this goes to the scorecards as I can’t really see either fighter getting knocked out. Both are too macho and have too much heart. I think the difference will be weight. Wolak is the bigger man and has fought at 154 his whole career. While Delvin Rodriguez has fought at 140 and 147 his whole career. This is his first fight at 154 and a very tough one at that. So, yea I think the difference is weight and Wolak gets a close, but clear unanimous decision against Rodriguez.

On Saturday, two big names in boxing will be fighting against less than stellar competition. In Germany, Marco Huck is taking on Hugo Hernan Garay, and Juan Manuel Marquez is taking on Likar Ramos. Marquez can be excused for fighting somebody that is pretty average, a journeyman with a padded record in Likar Ramos, because Marquez is getting a bit of a tuneup at a higher weight and has a date with Manny Pacquiao in November. So, that’s ok for Marquez, oh and my prediction is a KO for Marquez. No need to go over Marquez’ good resume, and everybody should know he is one of the top P4P boxers in the game. Ramos has a padded record, KO percentage is padded, and has shaky whiskers. I’ve got Marquez by KO. Huck on the other hand is taking on a what seems to be faded Hugo Hernan Garay who is a career 175 pound fighter. Garay, has lost two of his last 4 and has only fought at the Crusierweight limit 2 times. I don’t see how that warrants a world title shot, but he is has it. Now, while he isn’t a bum, still, he is getting long in the tooth and his best days seem to be behind him. He was a quality 175 pounder, but at Cruiserweight and him not looking too good recently. I gotta go with Marco Huck by stoppage.

A big fight in Hawaii, this Saturday night. This will be for the a world title at 112. Julio Cesar Miranda, the exciting Mexican is going on the road to defend his title against Brian Viloria. Both fighters are pretty much one in the same. Both have about the same experience, same level of competition, and both are about the same age. (Viloria 30 and Miranda 31) The difference though is that both are, at the moment, on two different spectrums. Viloria, in his last fight in Hawaii, he beat Jesus Iribe, but in his next fight he was TKO’d in 12 and had to go to the hospital for heat exhaustion and severe headaches. He was in very bad shape. He came back, scraped by to win a SD and won by TKO against a journeyman his last time out. While Miranda has won his last 5 fights in a row, all by stoppage and has picked up a world title. Miranda is a very customer and Viloria may’be just about a shot fighter. Although, Miranda is on the road and Viloria is fighting at home. If Viloria can make it the distance he may’be able to steal a victory and pull off the upset. Alright, let’s get to a prediction. Viloria stands in the pocket and looks to counter. Countering is very good against a fight like Miranda, but standing in the pocket is very bad. Miranda, while he is crude at times, he does have decent boxing skills and has dynamite in his hands. Tough call, tough pick, but I like the underdog at home. I think I probably should go with Miranda by knock out as that is the safe pick, but I just have a weird feeling that Viloria is going to, I guess you can say, turn back the clock and have a great performance. I like Viloria’s quick hands, and countering ability and that big right hand to get a close decision against Miranda.

John Murray and Kevin Mitchell both have really nice looking records, but they really haven’t been fighting the toughest competition. Well, Kevin Mitchell has, in his most recent fight against Michael Katsidis he was knocked out in 3 rounds. Not to say they have been fighting nothing but bums, they haven’t done that, they do have some quality wins and decent scalps, but it’s just that when you see a 31-0 record and a 31-1 record you think that they are the best of the best, and they aren’t. Skill level wise they are about the same. Mitchell has alright boxing skills, while Murray is a decent pressure fighter. Kevin Mitchell though, hasn’t taken the Katsidis loss well, though. He has been drinking, and hasn’t fought since that loss, which, was over a year ago. All in this, should lead to a pretty good fight. I think Murray wins this fight by unanimous decision.

Nicky Cook and Ricky Burns is a fight I’m looking forward to. I think this is a very good fight. This is for a world title at 130 and let’s start things off with the challenger, which is Nicky Cook. Nicky Cook, back in 2007 stepped up to the world level and got knocked out. He was undefeated at the time and he didn’t really have any quality wins at the time. A year later he won a world title at 130 against Alex Arthur, but then was stopped in 4 against Roman Martinez. Which brings the us to a full circle. Ricky Burns last year challenged Martinez and he beat him by unanimous decision which was one of the bigger upsets of the year. Burns has since defended his title a couple of more times against less than stellar competition, but now takes on Nicky Cook, who I believe is a good opponent and will really test Ricky Burns. Alright, Nicky Cook, decent foot work, doesn’t do anything great, a bit on the small side…especially compared to Ricky Burns. So, with all that said, I do like this fight, England vs Scotland is always an interesting fight, but I’ve got Ricky Burns winning this fight. Cook has come up short in his two big fights and I think he comes up short again, but I don’t think he gets knocked out though. I think he gets beat a losses by clear somewhat wide decision.

Dan’s Predictions:
Diego Magdaleno vs. Alejandro Perez- Diego Magdaleno by UD
Pawel Wolak vs. Delvin Rodriguez- Pawel Wolak by UD
Marco Huck vs. Hugo Hernan Garay- Marco Huck by KO
Likar Ramos vs. Juan Manuel Marquez- Juan Manuel Marquez by KO
John Murray vs. Kevin Mitchell- John Murray by UD
Nicky Cook vs. Ricky Burns- Ricky Burns by UD
Julio Cesar Miranda vs. Brian Viloria- Brian Viloria by UD

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