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Mitchell defeats Murray in domestic war

Kevin Mitchell and John Murray lived up to the expectations of the television viewing audience and the attending crowd by going toe to toe in their long awaited domestic showdown at the Echo Arena in Liverpool tonight.

As well as producing fireworks, it was Dagenham boxer, Kevin Mitchell who shocked many by stopping the European Mancunian champion in the eighth round!

Mitchell started the first round by throwing a left jab that Murray easily blocked. It was clear to immediately see that Mitchell was going to employ the same tactic as he did against Khan conquerer, Breidis Prescott by moving side to side and popping punches at his opponent. Murray connected with a left hook but Mitchell came back with a left uppercut. Murray drove his opponent to the ropes and landed hooks but Kevin quickly moved away. Blood appeared on Murray’s nose to end the round.

In the second, Murray decided to up the pace and throw hard shots but Mitchell avoided them. The former world title challenger continued to keep to his gameplan of attempting to avoid Murray’s punches while landing his own but Murray landed a right hook as Kevin went on the backfoot. Mitchell quickly recovered. Murray landed another right hook to the head and Kevin held. Murray landed another right and left hook to end the round.

The third saw John stalking his man and landed another right hook to the head while Kevin had his back against the ropes. The crowd cheered toward the end of the round as Kevin landed a hard punch of his own.

Kevin landed a left hook and two left uppercuts on Murray in the fourth after moving away from having his back on the ropes but he found himself being hit with a right hook to the head in his own corner.

Murray didn’t land anything eye catching in the early part of round five while Mitchell landed an uppercut. Kevin had success with a right hook and left uppercut combination. Bruising started to appear around Murray’s eye, but he landed a right hook that almost sent Mitchell off balance. As the round ended, Murray’s right eye noticeably swelled.

The pace finally dropped for both fighters in the sixth and the swelling continued to rise on the eye of Murray. Mitchell stole the round by landing clean shots while effectively avoiding Murray’s punches.

The European champion decided to try something different at the beginning of round seven as he landed some left jabs to Mitchell’s head, but found himself being tagged by Mitchell’s own. Kevin landed a head combination as Murray came forward. Toward the end of the round, luck took a turn for the worst for Murray as he was caught with a right uppercut that sent him wobbling around the ring. Luckily for him, the bell sounded.

In what was the final round of the bout, Murray started well, hitting Kevin with an uppercut and a left. Kevin went on the backfoot once again and Murray came forward, but found himself hit with another head combination that ended with a left hook that sent him on all fours! Referee, Richie Davis allowed Murray to continue but Kevin soon came forward and was hit with a left hook and a left uppercut. Davis stepped in to call a halt to the action.

“I’m perfect. World champion next! I had a long time out. I messed up in the Katsisis fight but this time there was no messing around. Murray’s a brilliant champion. The tactics paid off. I’ll defend the world title against Murray when I win it”, said Mitchell in the post fight interview.