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Preview for ‘Big Brawl’


Wembley Arena will be hosting the long awaited British and Commonwealth heavyweight title showdown between champion, Dereck Chisora and challenger, Tyson Fury on Saturday evening in what has the potential to be a domestic classic! As well as titles, both guys will also be putting their unbeaten records on the line. Fury and Chisora are 14-0, and as they say in the sport of boxing, somebody’s 0 has got to go!

Fury, residing in Cheshire but originating from Lancashire, has been the one to do most of the talking to build interest in this fight while the champion has remained pretty much silent. But could the quietness of Chisora just be silent rage waiting to explode on the 6’9 giant?

Tyson Fury doesn’t lack any confidence. Brash in personality, he is not afraid to say what he thinks and even attempts to goad his opponents. In May’s press conference to announce the ‘Big Brawl’, Tyson Fury didn’t hold back, and tried to get inside his opponent’s head by bringing up Chisora’s violent history and mentioned that his motives for being in boxing is all about the money. Fury stated that the difference between him and Dereck Chisora is that he genuinely does not care about paper notes, only fighting pride. He  explained that fighting had taken place in his family for generations and that he is a true fighter. Chisora didn’t have much to say except that he is keeping his tactics a secret and that he promises that he will win.

Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora both attended the James DeGale vs George Groves fight in May as spectators, and it was Fury that initiated an attempt to intimidate Chisora, even ripping off his shirt and shouting at him. Security was forced to remove Fury but not before he was hillariously having pictures taken with the fans on his way out.

If Tyson Fury is successful on Saturday then time will only tell whether even more success will change his attitude when it comes to money, but as it stands at this point, Fury fits the bill of a very hungry challenger. Somebody who wants to rip them Commonwealth and British titles away!

Fury has shown in bouts that he has surprisingly fast hands when he lets them go but does have the tendency to pour with a lazy jab. Once he ups his game then he picks his shots well. One has the feeling that he will not be lazy at any point during the course of the fight on Saturday, and Dereck Chisora will have to be wary of everything that’s coming to him.

Chisora, born in Zimbabwe but living in Finchley, London, became the British  champion with a stoppage of Danny Williams in the second round in a chief support bout to Kevin Mitchell’s world title challenge against Michael Katsidis in West Ham in 2010. He made one successful defense against Sam Sexton, an opponent he had already fought and beat two years previously. Inactivity may hurt Chisora as his defense against Sexton took place in September of last year and he will have been out of the ring for ten months. But then there have been guys such as Kevin Mitchell, who beat John Murray this past Saturday night, who has had a much longer lay off and did not show any signs of ring rust. Of course, Floyd Mayweather Jr convincingly beat Juan Manuel Marquez after a year and a half out of the ring. So, whether Chisora’s inactivity will be a factor is still up for debate. Dereck Chisora possesses speed and good defensive skills. While no Pernell Whitaker, he slips punches pretty well and this could frustrate Fury if he is successful at avoiding his. Sam Sexton is probably the best opponent that Dereck has faced so far. Tyson Fury has already said that John McDermott is the best that he has encountered, and many people, including promoter Frank Maloney thought McDermott beat Fury in their first encounter. But Tyson set the record straight with a spectacular 9th round technical knockout in their rematch that took place in June, 2010.

Both combatants are already looking past Saturday to world title ambitions. Chisora unfortunately had his chances against Wladimir Klitschko taken away from him due to alleged injuries suffered by the Ukrainian world champion, but he has since said that he has come to terms with that and is looking forward to getting another shot if he is victorious on Saturday night. Tyson has stated that he thinks he can beat Klitschko and was very critical of the Klitschko vs Haye bout that took place a few weeks ago although surely nobody can begrudge him any harsh judgement of that fight considering all the hype and build that took place for it it for years!

Not only is it a bout between Fury and Chisora, but promoters Mick Hennessy and Frank Warren decided to work together to make the ‘Big Brawl’ happen for the public. And this writer is sure that both are hoping their own charge pulls through even though Warren has proven in the past that he has a track record of getting his boxers european and world title opportunities even when they have been defeated. Just look at James DeGale! His next bout is a european title shot, and let’s not forget that Amir Khan only had two fights after being beaten in the first round before getting a WBA light-welterweight title chance. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that it is a certainty that both are praying for their man to win.

When all is said and done, Fury and Chisora will feel they have a point to prove. After all the talking, Tyson will want to show everybody that he is not just all mouth and that he has substance. For Chisora, he will want to silence Tyson after all the talking that he has done and show that he deserves to finally have his world title shot become a reality.

So, who wins? Like previous major bouts that took place this year such as DeGale vs Groves, Klitschko vs Haye and Bradley vs Alexander, this one is another contest that is hard to make a prediction for.

If Tyson has polished his jab and uses it effectively for really the first time against Chisora and picks his shots well then we could be seeing a new British and Commonwealth champion. And let’s not forget that Dereck could always turn up looking intimidated when he see’s his Goliath of an opponent staring at him from across the ring.

On the other hand, if Chisora has been waiting silently to do the business and fights intelligently, using his speed and decent defensive skills then he could be keeping his titles.

It’s almost showtime!