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DemolitionDan Predicts this weekends fight (29-30 July, 2011)

Last week, on paper we had quality, this week is more quantity. Still not a bad thing though. With a few fights to talk about let’s get right to it.

Billy Dib and Jorge Lacierva are fighting for a vacant 126 title that was stripped from Yuriorkis Gamboa. Dib and Lacierva are both very good fighters. Jorge Lacierva, Mexican, has fought everybody. He worked his way up, took his lumps early and like a lot of Mexican fighters he has worked his way up and his record is very deceiving. He is much better than what his record says. Billy Dib meanwhile, his record is a good indicator of who he is. He doesn’t have many scalps he has beaten Rogers Mtgawa, but that’s about it, and the best fighter he has fought, Steven Luevano, he lost in a very close fight that could have gone either way. Other than that Dib hasn’t fought anybody of note, so this fight is really big and a very big step up in class believe it or not for Billy Dib. Lacierva is the opposite, he has Mark Johnson, Martin Honorio, Jose Angel Berenza, and in his last lost which has been over 4 years ago now was against Celestino Caballero, in a very very close fight, and his last win was big which put him in this great situation, he dominated Fernando Beltran Jr. Really, boxing skills wise, both fighters are about even in terms of overall skills. Lueveno has may’be a bit of an edge in the speed, and Lacierva is definitely the harder puncher of the two. When I look at this fight, it is very even and should be a close fight, but the deciding factor in this fight is Billy Dib is fighting at home. As we all know if you are the home fighter that is a huge advantage. So, based on that I go with Billy Dib via SD. I’m expecting a very close fight, if this were in neutral territory I would go Lacierva, but home turf advantage, got to go with Billy Dib.

Brian Magee is traveling on the road. It’s definitely a bit of a risk going to another fighters’ home country, but in this case I favor the road fighter. I have to think Magee and his team are very confident in going to Jamie Barboza’s home country. Barboza definitely isn’t anywhere near world class and definitely isn’t in Brian Magee’s class, but this fight has just a hint of intrigue because if this fight does go the distance, may’be we get some home cooking. But again, I’m sure Magee and his team know this and they know the risk and I don’t think they would be traveling to Costa Rica if they knew they couldn’t beat Jamie Barboza. Barboza has one notable name on his resume, and that is the tough Mexican Jose Pinzon and he was stopped in 8. I definitely do think Magee can and will do the same. I think Magee’s toughness, and skill dominates Barboza as Magee bounces back from his defeat against Lucian Bute.

Muhammad Rachman and Pornsanwan Porpramook are engaging for a 105 world title strap. And really first things first, on paper, this has fireworks written all over it. Both bring the pain, both come forward, and both are tough as nails. This is an excellent fight and I can’t wait for it. Muhammad Rachman is an old 39 year old vet and his career spans out way back to 1993. And with that he has a tough resume, he has fought a lot of quality opposition. Omar Soto, Mongkol Charoen, Daniel Reyes, Oleydong Sithsamerchai, and in his most recent win knocking out the previously undefeated Kwanthai Sithmoreseng. So, fighting Pornsawan Porpramook is nothing new to Rachman. He definitely won’t be intimidated fighting yet another quality opponent, but one does have to wonder if he has another big one in him. He’s 39, been a pro since 1993, and before that win that really revitalized his career, he had previously lost 5 of his last 8 fights. On the other side of the ring we have Pornsawan Porpramook, he is what his nickname is “The Tank” he comes forward throws a lot of punches and looks to wear you down. He has though been unsuccessful beating the upper level fighters. Recently, he has had his step up fights and he has failed. He lost to Donnie Nietes, Oleydong Sithsamerchai, Edgar Sosa, and rematches Oleydong and fought to a draw, which was his most recent fight. Style wise, they both come forward, and perfer to fight coming forward. That will be interesting to watch just to see which fighter will take a step back, who will fight off the back foot. Anyway, prediction time, and I’ve got Rachman winning this fight by UD. I think Rachman is still in a higher class. I think Rachman is still good enough to pull yet another big win.

On paper, it looks like a prospect taking a bit of a step up in class for bigger and better things, but that is definitely not the case. Nobuo Nashiro is much more seasoned and is better than what is record indicates. He may only have 18 fights, but he has been in tough fights in at least half of them. He is another one of this fighters that hasn’t taken any baby steps. He was thrown in the fire right away. He won the Japan title in his 5th fight and won a world title strap at 115 by his 8th fight. He has suffered 3 losses since then, but hey, that’s what happens when he face stiff competition night in and night out. Experience wise, and resume wise big massive edges in favor for Nobuo Nashiro. Rey Perez hasn’t seen anybody near as good as Nashiro yet in his career. He fought in his first 12 round fight in his last fight against Danillo Pena, his best test to date, and he squeaked by a SD victory. Style wise, Nashiro is a brawler, and Perez is a technically fighter. Likes to fight on the outside and use his size. This is the kind of opponent that has definitely given Nashiro problems. All you have to do is go back to his last fight against Tomas Rojas where he was outboxed and beaten by UD. Rey Perez definitely has the tools, but I think him only in his 11th fight, will be 12 come Saturday night, 20 years old, and has a very thin resume, even for a prospect, I think he gets overwhelmed by the moment and get stopped late in the fight. As the relentless Nashiro attacks and attacks and eventually wears down the much too young and green Rey Perez.

What can you say about a good hard working kid like Beibut Shumenov? 12 fights in his professional career and he already has a world title. I love the attitude of fighting often and getting good step up fights in the process. He had 4 fights and boom really stepped up his level of opposition. Took on Lavell Finger, Montell Griffin, Epifano Mendoza, and Byron Mitchell. Now while Finger, and Mendoza aren’t world beaters, those are still impressive names on a resume after 5-7 fights. Same with Griffin and Mitchell who definitely aren’t what they once were, still, very impressive having the courage to fight them with not even double digit fights and beating them. He stepped up to world class level to fight Gabriel Capillo. Lost, a bit of a robbery, there, had a rematch, he won, but he got a gift there. So, you know, it did sort of work out both fighters got gifts and a trilogy would be nice. Anyway, since then he has defended his 175 world title crown twice and is looking to defend it for a 3rd time against Danny Santiago. An undefeated, very talented fighter, by the name of Viacheslav Uzelkov, yes, thank you, but no I didn’t sneeze. And a very very faded William Joppy who was a late replacement after Shumenov attempted to unify the 175 division by fighting then belt holder Jurgen Brahmer. So, you really have to love what Shumenov has done in his his very short career so far. And not only that, he has a very fan friendly style. No defense, comes in winging power shots, has very good boxing skills at times, but he definitely perfers to slug it out and throw haymakers every round. This title defense though, is a bit weak though. Danny Santiago is a bit chinny, small, lacks and really good power and in all 4 of his losses has been knocked out. I definitely think Shumenov KO’s Santiago, in a bit of a “stay busy” fight, still, Shumenov does get a bit of a pass because this is only his 14th fight, but I’ve got Shumenov definitely overwelming Santiago and knocking him out.

ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights is packed this week. Two terrific fights that I’m definitely looking forward to. The first fight is Edison Miranda and Yordanis Despaigne. Edison Miranda has fought a couple of times at 175, but now late in his career he is making an effort to campaign at 175. Which is for the best. Miranda could never beat the very best at 160 nor at 168. At 160 his 0 was taken away from Abraham by 12 round UD. Then KO’d by Pavlik, moved up to 168 got KO’d by Abraham in a rematch, lost a 12 round decision to Ward, and was KO’d by Bute in 3. Not to confuse you, he didn’t lose all those fights in a row, he definitely got his fair share of wins in between with highlight reel KO’s of David Banks, Manuel Esparza, and Francisco Sierra. Along with a notable win over Allan Green back in 2007. On the other side Yordanis Despaigne, the Cuban star, is coming off his first lost as a Professional. It was just 4 months ago that he was throughly out boxed, and beaten up by fellow undefeated fighter Ismayl Sillakh. Sillakh dominated and really made Despaigne look crude and amaturish at times. The one big flaw I noticed throughout the fight is that Despaigne doesn’t have a great jab, and when he throws it, it goes to his hip. He is a sucker for the right hand, and that is Edison Miranda’s best punch. Miranda has wicked power and if Despaigne doesn’t have an iron jaw, he won’t be able to take that for 10 rounds. If he wants to win, he can’t get hit by that right hand. And I can’t stress this enough how important Desapigne’s jaw is. Now, while Miranda does have good boxing ability, the edge in that department goes to Yordanis Despaigne. Despaigne is definitely much more well rounded, and while he did look bad against Sillakh, Miranda doesn’t have Sillakh’s ability. And we have to remember, Miranda does get lazy and does lose focus. If Despaigne does get knocked around, but survives, he can may’be get out of that bad neighborhood (as I’m sure, Teddy Atlas will mention sometime in the telecast), and start outboxing Miranda and Despaigne just might pull off a decision victory. This is a very risky fight for Despiagne and his team, but if they can pull this off they are back to where they were before Sillakh beat up on Despaigne. The million dollar question is wether or not Despaigne’s chin can hold up against Miranda, and I have to take Miranda. I don’t think Despaigne can take Miranda’s power. So, with that I go with Miranda stopping Despaigne early, but if Despaigne can shake it off and start getting to Miranda, look out he may just pull it off. That’s what really makes this fight great and exciting.

The main event of Friday Night fights is just as intriguing as the Co-Feature. Two top 10 fighters at 140 are taking on each and trying to get back near the top again. Lamont Peterson and Victor Manuel Cayo are somewhat the same in tersm of skills and resume. Peterson and Cayo both don’t have many scalps on their resume. Peterson didn’t have much on his resume until he fought Lanardo Tyner back in 2008. You can may’be even throw in Antonio Mesquita and Willy Blain, just because they were undefeated, but I wouldn’t consider those quality wins. So, with that thin resume he stepped up to take on Timmy Bradley and he was outboxed, beaten up, and pretty much just lost every round. Bradley was just much much better than he that night. Peterson bounced back from that loss to fight Damian Fuller and in his most recent fight, he took on Victor Ortiz. Early in the fight, Peterson went down in the 3rd round (the same round he went down in against Timothy Bradley) but Ortiz let off on the gas and Peterson really started pressing the action and was able to get a draw. And now in his first fight in 2011 he is taking on fellow one loss, 140 pound fighter in the Dominican, Victor Manuel Cayo. Like Peterson, Cayo’s resume is thin, even thinner than Peterson. He only has one scalp on his resume. That scalp was Julio Diaz on Friday Night Fights almost two years later he is back on FNF and is taking on a very good fighter. His other big fight he stepped up in was against Marcos Maidana, and like Peterson, he failed. He had his moments against Maidana, but his style (which we will get in a bit later) and inexperience led him to getting overwelmed and knocked out in 6 rounds. Two tune up wins later and he is now fighting in his first fight in 2011 and taking on Peterson. So, now let’s make a prediction. Style wise both are slick, have good hand speed, pretty good pop, overall I think this should be a pretty good fight. I think Peterson though has a bit more overall, a bit more tools in the tool shed. His punches are straight and if Cayo does start outboxing him, Peterson can make it into a dogfight. He definitely has that in him. Peterson has a big heart, so I like Peterson winning this fight. I think he wins a pretty close, but clear decision. Cayo I don’t think gets beat up, I think the majority of the round will be pretty close, may’be decided by a couple of punches and those round, I feel, Peterson will just do enough to nick those rounds and he ends up winning the fight.

Dan’s predictions:

Billy Dib vs. Jorge Lacierva- Billy Dib by SD
Brian Magee vs. Jaime Barboza- Brian Magee by KO
Beibut Shumenov vs. Danny Santiago- Beibut Shumenov by KO
Muhammad Rachman vs. Pornsanwan Porpramook- Muhammad Rachman by UD
Rey Perez vs. Nobuo Nashiro- Nobuo Nashiro by KO
Edison Miranda vs. Yordanis Despaigne- Edison Miranda by KO
Victor Manuel Cayo vs. Lamont Peterson- Lamont Peterson by UD

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