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Predictions September 2nd and 3rd

Very good week of boxing this week. After a bit of a drought this past month or so, with very few sprinkles..we finally are getting some nice bit of rain, and have massive storm clouds ahead for the next few weeks and months.

Alright, kicking it off is Luis Alberto Lazarte-Nerys Espinoza. This fight is, eh. This, is a week spot in the schedule. They fought once, Lazarte won by UD. And I see the same thing happening again. The big, and only reason really, is because this fight is taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is home to some of the worst hometown scoring since the Sven Ottke days. It is that bad there. Lazarte has a massive home advantage. His last two fights have taken place there and there is where he fought Ulises Solis. Solis clearly dominated the first fight, plus Lazarte got TWO points taken away, and somehow that fight was a draw. I’m sure you can find that fight on YouTube somewhere. It’s worth a look at how bad the scoring is. They had a rematch, pretty much the same thing, Solis dominates for the whole fight, and the fight ends in a SD…luckly in favor of Solis. Espinoza, even if he does dominate the fight, there is no guarantee he gets the nod. So, with I gotta go with the 40 year old, lucky to be at home fighter Luis Alberto Lazarte via UD.

Vic Darchinyan is taking a tuneup fight in his native Armenia, and I gotta say, he has impressed me in his last two fights. He has done much better than I thought he would do. After looking horrible against Eric Barcelona at 118. He goes into the 118 Showtime tourney and takes on Abner Mares. I thought Mares would win and stop Darchinyan late. Now, Mares almost did he really came on strong at then end, but it was a razor thin decision and he quite possibly could have gotten the nod. And then he goes on and take Yonnhy Perez. Now, Perez looked flat out bad, one of the worst performances by a world champion boxer I’ve seen in a while. He looked lost, no gameplan, etc. But Dachinyan came in strong, powerful, firing off with that big left hand, and won the fight via technical decision due to a headbutt. A fight though Darchinyan completely dominated. So, I take my hat off to Darchinyan who is ad******g to the weight and is turning into a force again. His opponent is Evans Mbamba is definitely just a tuneup opponent. He has no notable victories and only one notable fighter on his resume, and that was a pretty much shutout loss to Tomas Rojas. Rojas swarmed him with flurries, outworked him and dropped him a couple of times in this fight. Darchinyan isn’t much of a volume puncher, but he makes up for it with his big booming power, especially, in that left hand of his. This is a showcase fight for Darchinyan and I believe he wants to really impress his people in Armenia and I think he gets the durable Mbamba out of there early to the mid rounds.

This is the real meat and potatoes for this week. On Saturday, we got a nice domestic level fighter over in the UK. Undefeated Stuart Hall is looking to take that next step to world class against Jamie McDonnell. I think this has the makings of a very good fight. Both fighters are roughly the same skill level. McDonnell likes to use range, and box from the outside. Hall likes to come in, dig to the body, on the inside and really use his strength. So, it’s going to be sort of the outside versus inside type style. Resume wise they both have fought roughly the same quality of fighters. McDonnell has fought Ian Napa, Jerome Arnould, and Stephane Jamoye, and Hall has fought Ian Napa as well and Martin Power twice. So, really, nobody really has an edge in anything. It’s all going to comedown to who has the bigger heart? Who has really put in the time in training camp? And all that good stuff. And when it comes down to it, I like Hall’s power to stop McDonnell late. I think both fighters have their moments and it really is a close fight, but I think McDonnell starts to wear down to Hall’s PP…pressure and power. So, I’ve got Hall winning by late stoppage. Should be a good one.

Great to see Thomas Oosthuizen finally breaking out and into the States. He is a really talented fight along with Issac Chilemba, a fighter he has fought and fought to a draw with. Oosthuizen is a big guy, has a good jab, really talented fighter. It’s just that resume wise he doesn’t have much, he has Chilemba who he fought to a draw with, and that’s about it. Still though, just talent wise alone it’s a massive gulf class between him and Aaron Pryor Jr. When you think of Pryor, you think highly skilled, fast, strong, powerful, fearless…when you think of Pryor Jr. You think none of those things, well, he is fast, but that’s about it. He’s a tall guy, who has quick hands and feet. Other than that he has poor boxing skills, terrible jab, and when somebody gets in close he turns his back and he literally starts crying to the ref. He is really is a bad fighter, and is living off the Pryor name. He is a terrible fighter and it is even worse to watch him running with no skills, turning his back and flicking out a horrible jab. The only reason why he has a winning record is because he has the name of Pryor, and he is abnormally tall for his division and he is quick. Other than that he doesn’t have much going for him and thankfully, Oosthuizen is about his size, and so Pryor doesn’t have that advantage. So, now the only obstacle is the judges. The old saying…or at least it’s what I say, when you have to travel over a body of water, it usually spells trouble. It’s bad news and you are already at a huge disadvantage. I’m hoping though there is a fair shake, because I mean, come on, why would the judges really try and have Pryor Jr. winning this fight. He’s old, has a horrible style and has 3 losses. There is no upside in trying to get him to win. So, we’ll see what happens, I’ve got Oosthuizen clearly winning this fight, with a fair shake. Wide UD in favor of Oosthuizen.

So, we segment over to the main event and we have a fighter travelling over a body of water. Jan Zaveck is travelling to the States and right away you have to favor Andre Berto. Even though, Zaveck is the champion and Berto is the challenger. Funny how that works. Anyway, who is Zaveck? Well, he is a very very good fighter. Very tight defense, good jab, all around good fighter. Doesn’t do anything great, but does everything well. He should be undefeated, but got a bad decision in Poland against Rafal Jackiewicz. He eventually, though who go on to win a 147 strap and avenge that loss. So, really, he should be an undefeated fighter. Would he be a world champion if there was 1 belt in the division? Probably not, but he is a top 5-10 fighter. He is a very good fighter that can really push you. He is a lot like Andriy Kotelnik. All around good fighter that has good boxing skills. And I think Berto is going to find out this Saturday. I believe he will get pushed and I think he does get a gift. Berto is a good fighter in his own right, but he doesn’t have the same tools Zaveck does. Berto is a one handed fighter. He has a deadly right hand, overhand right and uppercut right hand that can drop any fighter and even knock them out. If he can time Zaveck as he jabs he can definitely hurt Zaveck and stop him early in the fight, that definitely could happen. No very likely, but still a possibility. Other than that though, Berto doesn’t have any tools in his toolbox. Terrible jab, he’s flat footed, no stamina, he’s a limited fighter after that. So, I can definitely see this fight being close, Zaveck pressing the action, Berto trying to catch Zaveck with a right hand coming in. So, back to the Kotelnik comparison, I think this fight has the potential to be a Kotelnik-Alexander type fight. Except I thing this fight will be closer, but Berto gets the nod in a UD.

Luis Alberto Lazarte-Nerys Espinoza II- Luis Alberto Lazarte by UD
Evans Mbamba vs. Vic Darchinyan- Vic Darchinyan by KO
Stuart Hall vs. Jamie McDonnell- Stuart Hall by KO
Thomas Oosthuizen vs. Aaron Pryor Jr.- Thomas Oosthuizen by UD
Jan Zaveck vs. Andre Berto- Andre Berto by UD

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