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Victor Ortiz – “Floyd is a good fighter. But I’ve never thought he was great.”

WBC Welterweight Title

When: 17th September Live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

What: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz

Where: All on Primetime: Sky channel 480, Virgin Media ‘On Demand’ and online at www.primetimelive.co.uk

With the ‘Star Power’ pay per view rapidly approaching, Victor Ortiz has been speaking to the media ahead of his title defense against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. Here are the highlights of what Ortiz, and promoter Oscar De La Hoya, had to say;

Oscar De La Hoya

“Thank you very much and just want to verify that I, personally, am very proud of all my colleagues who have been able to put this fight together, including Richard Schaefer, my matchmaker, Eric Gomez, everyone working as a team has been unbelievable.  So, everybody knows September 17th will be a historic moment for the world of boxing.  Obviously, you do have Floyd Mayweather, Jr., making his comeback from his brief retirement from boxing which will be over a year and a half when he steps inside the ring, against the welterweight and, in my eyes, the best fighter at 147 pounds, the WBC Champion, Victor Ortiz.”

“I mean, obviously, I didn’t live through what Victor lived and I can’t speak for him or even get close to what he experienced.  But all I can say is that I’m very proud of him because of what he has accomplished, the obstacles that he had in front of him, you know, sooner than later, he was able to overcome all that adversity.  It shows you what a great person he is and a true champion he is.  I can honestly say that, with a clear head, that Victor is my hero.  The fact that he’s World Champion; he is a hero to a lot of people.”

“I can give Victor tips or advice or whatever you want to call it.  You know, he does have an amazing team behind him.  His trainer and the people who come up with the strategies and you know, obviously, I have been in there with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and I know what works for him and I know what doesn’t work for him.  You know, Victor’s a smart guy and obviously, when he’s up in that ring, he’s going to do what he’s going to have to do to win this fight.  Let’s just put it this way, there’s no doubt in my mind that Victor’s going to win.”

“I think what people have to realize is that Victor is 24 years young with fresh legs who moves like a cat.  I mean, and they haven’t seen that from Victor.  You know, people are going to be very surprised.  People are going to be very shocked on what type of fight they’re going to see come September 17th.  Only Victor knows what he’s going to do, but there’s no doubt in his camp, no doubt in his mind, no doubt in my mind, that Victor’s going to win.”

Victor Ortiz

“I know where I’m going with this whole thing.  I know why I became World Champion, and I for sure know that I will be champion for many years to come.”


“I want the actual Floyd Mayweather to show up.  I don’t need a Mayweather that’s lost speed or lost power or lost age.  He’s got that beautiful mouth of his that just never stops; so, in doing so, I want the best Floyd that’s out there.”


“Everything will be discovered and told September 17th, when a man’s career ends and a new man’s begins.  Let me clarify for you.  Victor Ortiz will begin his throne, his reign and his throne, and I’m going to bring a cane for a good friend.  Make sure his back ain’t hurting too much or something.”



“Forty-one of those fighters that he’s fought, none of them were me.  So, somebody’s in trouble.”


“Oscar and I have a great relationship.  It goes beyond friends, the way I feel anyway.  It’s more like I see him as a big brother and anything he’s got to say, I’m open to listen to.  But at the end of the day, we’ve both got to know and realize that, “Hey, I’m in camp.  I have a great team.  I have to be under a command.”  And that command to me Coach Joseph Janik, Mario Aguiniga, and Danny Garcia.  You know, whatever they say goes, but I am open to hearing whatever my man Oscar has to say.  I love Oscar like a big brother, and I will always listen.  But at the end of the day, though, it comes down on my team and what they think are the keys and the ways of beating him.  But don’t get me wrong, Oscar has always been a great part of me.  So, I can surely respect that.”


“Floyd’s overdue.  He’s way overdue.  He’s not supposed to be here.  He’s definitely not supposed to be a 147 pounder and I’m going to see to it that he knows that.”


“You know what, Floyd is a good fighter.  But, I’ve never thought he was great; ever since I was a kid.  You know when you’re a little boy, you sit back and you say, “Wow. That guy’s good.  That guy’s great.”  Oscar was one of those for me.  Mosley was definitely one of those for me.  Bernard Hopkins was one of those for me.  In his prime, Zab Judah was one of those for me.  And Floyd, not in his prime, not in his come up, not in his anything, he’s ever been that to me.  So, I’m definitely not impressed for one, and I’m not a person who’s going to hold any kind of respect like those 41 other victims.”

The ‘Star Power’ pay-per-view is a packed night of boxing featuring 3 WBC title fights;

WBC Welterweight Title: Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz

WBC Light Middleweight Title: Canelo Alvarez vs Alfonso Gomez

WBC Light Welterweight Title: Erik Morales vs Lucas Matthyse

Also included in the pay per view broadcast is undefeated Light Welterweight Jessie Vargas vs Josesito Lopez.

British fighter Anthony Crolla will be fighting the Mexican Juan Manuel Montiel in a contest to be shown Free To View on Primetime in the lead in to the Pay Per View broadcast.

You can order the card for only £14.95 by calling 08712004444*, visiting www.primetimelive.co.uk or Virgin Media customers can purchase using the ‘On Demand’ menu. Customers on Sky must register the first time they use Primetime and once registered can purchase using the ‘box office’ menu.

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