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Premier Sports Ink Six Fight TV Deal With Hard Knocks Boxing Promotions

Premier Sports have signed a broadcast deal with Spencer Fearon and Ciaran Baynes’ Hard Knocks Boxing Promotions for six events, starting with their October 7th York Hall Super Show ‘This Is Hard Knocks’ which will be headlined by Mongolia’s two time World Featherweight Champion Choi Tseveenpürev.

The dynamic duo’s commitment to featuring genuine 50/50 match-ups throughout their fight cards, which constantly produces leading ‘Fight of the Year’ contenders, is almost certainly the reason that Premier Sports came banging on the Hard Knocks office door just days after the massively successful, sensationally exciting ‘Summer Smash’ event.

On making the official announcement Spencer said, “Yeah, we’ve got a fantastic deal with Premier Sports, people are buying into the Hard Knocks brand. It’s a six fight deal, which can be extended to more than that.

I’m really pleased to be involved with Premier.

The thing is they approached us, it’s really cool because like they’ve seen the hype we’re getting right now. A lot of press and stuff, so I’m really, really grateful for every news writer who actually believed in me.

Steve Bunce predicted this about a year and half ago and now it’s come to fruition.

The first guy to publicly scream this out, was in the Sun newspaper a few years ago, was Colin Hart and Claude Abrahams of Boxing News he put out a big piece that I was promoting.

This means a lot to me, I mean when people are coming up to me and saying how fantastic our shows are. So when people like you Rio, you’ve been in boxing a long time. People like you, people like Jim McDonald, people like Steve Bunce and people like Steve Lillis say that I’m the man that can, it really says it all and TV had to come on board.

Everyone knows that to promote is to sell something and it’s no good selling rubbish, you’ve got to sell the best product, you know what I mean. All these other guys can have a load of money and the rest of it, but they can’t beat my atmosphere, you know what I mean.

Now everyone is screaming about 50/50 fights. Other guys are screaming that they want to do 50/50 fights so everyone is cottoning on. So the fact that I have been pioneering it.

Now everyone is looking at me, I’m raising my game, yeah I did it first, now everyone wants to do it, which is cool as we’ll get rid of the garbage and the sport will grow. Now you’re going to get guys that want to fight each other on other shows, just like they always have on Hard Knocks shows.”

An announcement will be made later this week detailing the full lineup for Hard Knocks Boxing Promotions ‘This Is Hard Knocks’ event, which will be headlined by Choi Tseveenpürev, that takes place at York Hall, Bethnal Green, on Friday 7th October 2011.

Tickets for ‘This Is Hard Knocks’ – priced £35 (Unreserved) and £60 (Ringside), will be available later this week on-line at www.tkoboxoffice.com or in person at The TRAD TKO Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA. For further information please call 07960 850645.

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