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Prescott: McCloskey is One of the Final Roadblocks on the Road to Khan

Hammer-fisted Colombian slugger Breidis “The Khanqueror” Prescott (24-2, 19 KOs) has arrived in Ireland for his 12-round WBA light welterweight elimination bout this Saturday against Irishman Paul McCloskey at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.

The 28-year-old Prescott says he’s in terrific shape and ready to smash one of the final roadblocks keeping him from a mandated rematch against (now) WBA Super Champion Amir Khan.

For those who don’t recall, Prescott sent Khan to bed with no supper 54 seconds into round one of their fight in September 2008.

But despite the obvious blow to his credibility, Khan has refused Prescott’s repeated invitations to a rematch and instead chosen to fight just about anyone but Breidis Prescott, including McCloskey, whom he defeated by shutout six-round decision last April.

“He’s going to be running out of excuses soon,” said Prescott. “I read that he’s taking for McCloskey in this fight… more like he’s hoping and praying for McCloskey to win. He knows what I’ll do when I finally corner him.”

Prescott says he respects McCloskey, but hits too hard and is in too good of shape to be denied.

“Paul McCloskey is an honorable man, but he is between me and proving once and for all I am truly ‘The Khanqueror’. So that means he has to go. I’d like to apologize to all the Irish fans that will be out rooting for their man this Saturday at the Odyssey Arena. I’m sorry I’m going to ruin your party, but I’ve waited too long for what lies ahead to be denied a victory.”

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