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Ringnews24 chats with Jean Pascal


Presents an Interview with Professional boxer Jean Pascal

Hi Jean, on behalf of RingNews24.com and our readers, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. As well as our own, we have included questions provided by fans on the RingNews Forum.

We hope our readers enjoy the interview.



Ringnews24.com: Jean Pascal, rumor mills are stirring about a fight between you and Tavoris Cloud. That would be EPIC due to styles. Is it true, when, where?

Jean Pascal: At this time I will not comment on the status of the fight with Cloud. I do agree with you that the match up of styles would be very intriguing. Cloud is a very strong boxer with tremendous punching power. His record speaks for itself. Should he be my next opponent, it will undoubtedly be a match up that boxing fans will be interested in.

Ringnews24.com: Jean, so many fighters have lost to Bernard Hopkins and then never been able to get their Careers back on track, what did Bernard say to you immediately after the fight and how is it that your going to be different from the others and rebound successfully?

Jean Pascal: Bernard said to me that I will be back again. Though he also would have said that remark to Kelly Pavlik previously, in my case the rebound will happen with my next fight. The goal after the last two fights with Bernard is to learn what needs to be learned and then move forward a much stronger student of the sport. Bernard also lost a handful of fights in his career and he was able to rebound. More generally, when boxers fail to bounce back, it reflects a lack of understanding on their part of the causes behind the loss.

Ringnews24.com: What are your thoughts of the Push Ups that Hopkins did in the second half of the fight?

Jean Pascal: Push ups are not related to boxing, though I did appreciate the tactic more as an entertainment strategy for the fans. I was not the least bit surprised that Hopkins engaged in the tactic, because gamesmanship is something he loves to do, and he does it extremely well.

Ringnews24.com: With the Super Six Tournament winding down, what are your thoughts about fighting one of the SMW’s, in particular a possible rematch with Carl Froch? I know you’ve had reports before that that was in the works, is it still a possibility? Would you wait on a Froch fight (assuming Cloud can’t be made) or do you feel as though you need to get back in the Ring sooner?

Jean Pascal: I am looking to be back in the ring mid-December. A match up with Carl Froch would be something intriguing down the road. Carl and I spoke about the possibility, and we are both interested in a re-match. In the meantime, one fight at a time. The next fight will happen before Carl is ready for a post- Super Six match-up.

Ringnews24.com: You and Bute is every Canadian fight fans dream, but he’s insisted on not moving up to make the fight happen, how disappointed would you be if he continued to maintain that position and it never materialized?
Jean Pascal: make decisions in their careers based on what suits them best. I respect Lucien for making the decisions that suit his current status and weight. You have to respect boxers for their decisions in terms of when to stay at their weight and when to move up, if ever

Ringnews24.com: You have fought many World class opponents so far in your career. Who was the toughest opponent you’ve faced so far?

Jean Pascal: Good question – there is no toughest opponent. As you have correctly pointed out, there are several big names among my experiences. Bernard Hopkins was the most ring educated in terms of generalship and experience. Chad Dawson was the most athletic – agile boxer I have encountered to date. Froch was the hardest puncher. Diaconu was very dangerous. Each one of these people brought a dimension that made him notable and worthy of respect.

Ringnews24.com: After your loss to Carl Froch you moved up to light heavyweight, won the WBC title and even beat p4p ranked superstar Chad Dawson. Why do you think you’ve been such a success at light heavyweight? Did you find 168lbs tough to make? Or did you just want to prove to yourself you were good enough to become World champion?

It was time for me to move up. I was still able to make the weight of 168 lbs, but it was mush easier (obviously) for me to make 175. From there, I targeted Diaconu and my promoter was able to make the fight happen.

Ringnews24.com: Who would you like to fight in the next few months or years? Would a third fight with Hopkins interest you?

Jean Pascal: I am looking at a few names for my next fight and we will have an announcement to you shortly. A re-match with Bernard is a possibility, as both earlier fights were close. However, one thing at a time. Hang tight and there will be some interesting news shortly.

Ringnews24.com: Do you have any plans to change the way you fight or the way you prepare for a fight after losing to Bernard Hopkins?

Jean Pascal: Each fight is determined by the opponent, not just by my own strengths and weaknesses. Once me and my working team set the target on the next opponent, a very candid few days will happen to ensure that the plan for training matches with the ultimate objective of a great night for my return to the ring.

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