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Major promoters approach boxer Otuo Saba, Stamina For Sale

Once just an unassuming polite kid from London, Otuo Saba is now encroaching on the brink of something huge.  In the boxing world rumours are amidst that big name promoters from Europe as well as mainland UK are falling over each other to sign Saba to their roster and they have good reason to.

Unable to get bouts, only 16 in almost 6 years, Saba has been consistent in fact frighteningly consistent.  When in the gym as the round sounds tension is felt from the spectators in the room – and rightly so.  Anyone who has witnessed Saba in the ring is awe struck at his skill level at such a young age. Time after time Saba’s sheer speed and power bedazzles his opponents and it’s because of this unique talent that giant promoters, Sauderland, Frank Warren, Frank Maloney Promotions, Matchroom, Golden Boy Promotions and Hatton Promotions are after this kid from London and want to represent him at any cost.  Negotiations will be fiercely intense as Stamina For Sale Tunde Ajayi, Saba’s personal boxing coach, knows only too well and lays to rest the rumours, “Yes its true, a few promoters have been in touch with us but as Otuo’s handler we are just taking everything one day at a time. Otuo still has some growing to do physically and mentally so we don’t want to rush with any decision making yet. What I can tell you is his amateur career is OVER.”

Returning from a trip to Las Vegas last week Tunde said: “Another thing I can guarantee you, is that along with myself, Roger Mayweather, Cornelius ‘Boza’ Edwards and hand specialist Rafael Garcia will all make up the team guiding Otuo Saba’s career; Cornelius ‘Boza’ Edwards confirmed that until Otuo turns 18 years old next year he will be back and forth to Las Vegas for training camps.”

One thing everyone can be sure about is the kid from London is about to tip the scales and turn the boxing world on its head…with one killer punch.

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