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Paul Nave: Relishing Return to Underdog Role

On Friday, September 16th, former WBF Welterweight Champion Paul Nave continues his improbable comeback against an undefeated fighter less than half his age in former accomplished amateur Brandon Hoskins, outdoors at Albert Field Park in San Rafael, California. For Nave, a fighter that beat long odds to decision Greg Haugen for his title back in 1998, the fight marks a return to the familiar role of underdog.


Nave (19-8-2, 8 KOs) of San Rafael has gone 4-0 since ending a nine-and-one-half year retirement and felt the time had come to step up the level competition. “The plan was to come back, fight a little more consistently and get in that top shape, get my timing down and then go for it,” says Nave, who will be just days shy of his 51st birthday on fight night. “I’ve had four fights and won all four against average fighters, but the problem is I haven’t been able to keep consistent because of some minor injuries at times.”


Despite being out of the ring since last June, Nave moved ahead and lined up a tough opponent in Hoskins in order to take his comeback to the next level. “The time is running,” admits Nave. “I am not getting any younger and it is kind of now or never for me with the window of opportunity. The idea is I am definitely challenging myself, fighting a kid 15-0 that is less than half my age. I have a daughter his age.”


Hoskins (15-0-1, 8 KOs) of Hannibal, Missouri may be somewhat of an unknown commodity to the average boxing fan, but he comes equipped with credentials that need to be respected. “This guy was a three-time Golden Gloves champion, 50-7 as an amateur,” says Nave of the 24-year-old Hoskins. “I believe his dad owns a gym, so he probably grew up in the gym. He’s is probably going to be in real good shape. My thought is that he is probably a very good boxer, and I am going to have to get him out of his game plan.”


Nave, who is trained by Homer Hall, is preparing for a tough eight-round fight. “We’re sparring well and getting the rounds in,” reports Nave. “I’ve just got to get in the best shape that I can. He’s not coming out to lose, and he’s fighting an older guy, so I am basically the underdog. Even though I have a lot of experience, he’s never lost. But I love the challenge, and that’s what I came back for.”


Nave, who is also the promoter of the fight, worked tirelessly to bring the event to Albert Park Field, something he has wanted to do for roughly a decade. “I’ve played 32-years of fast pitch softball there,” says Nave. “I always thought it would be so cool to have an event there. I am down to my last few fights now, I figured it was now or never to realize my dream have putting on an event there.”


Nave came back to the ring with hopes of landing one more big fight, but he understands he cannot look ahead past the 16th. “Everything hinges on this fight,” says Nave. “If I am to win this fight, it would open up a huge opportunity. But everything is contingent on this fight.”


Even if the result is in doubt heading in, one thing that is not is the effort. “I’ve always said that whether I’ve trained one month or three months, whatever I got it is all going out there,” says Nave. “So I am going to leave everything in the ring, that is for sure, and I am going to do my very best to win.


At my age, I am jumping in deep water, and we will see if I can swim to the top.”


Supporting card:


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*All Bouts Subject To Change



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