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Breidis Prescott ; Time to move on…

Across the Boxing landscape, pressers and blogs are being pumped out via the camp of Breidis Prescott, vociferously contesting the result of Saturday’s bout with Ireland’s Paul ‘Dudey’ McCloskey.

Calling foul as a result of their perceived one-sided beating, the men behind him have not missed a beat in berating European judging, crowd effect, but still hidden away within these messages is the loud and clear message that, once again, Amir Khan has managed to avoid a second encounter with the Colombian brawler.

In this one issue, Prescott could be jeopardising his future development as a fighter of some note, and unless the obsession with Khan stops it could lead to him failing to fulfil his true potential, which as it stands now needs re-assessing and rebuilding.

Boxing history is littered with fighters who lost their ‘0’s somewhat surprisingly during their development. Pacquiao, as a raw developing rookie, was KO’ed in Three by Rustico Torrecampo, Marvelous Marvin Hagler lost more than once, most notably to Bobby Watts, before going on to terrorise the Middleweight division and current Heavyweight Kingpin Wladimir Klitschko himself is no stranger to defeat, the first of 3 a stoppage loss against gatekeeper Ross Purity. What all these fighters, and Khan can included here, is they went away, took stock of their fighting careers and made the necessary adjustnments to rise the rankings in impressive fashion, and make themselves the best fighters they could be. No doubts, the bout against Prescott was the red letter day to Amir. He upped sticks, went to the States and began the 2nd stage of his journey under the tutelage of Freddie Roach and the rest, as they say, is history. Like him or not, Khan hasd pulled himself to the top of the 140lb division, beating some credible opponents en route, and now stands on the cusp of some genuine mega-fights, fights that he has put himself in a position to control.

Breidis, on the other hand, has experienced what can only be called a mixed bag of results. Adopting the moniker “The Khanqueror”, he has since compiled a record of 4-3, and not against Box Office names. The previously-fearsome punching seems to be lacking its early career ferocity, as only one of his last 7 opponents failed to reach the final bell, and his style still remains that of a raw, novice up-and-comer. Despite all this, he still insists on a 2nd match with Khan. Now like it or not, this just isn’t going to happen, not now, not any time soon. The politics of the sport won’t allow it, the Promotional team most certainly won’t allow it, and Prescott’s form certainly won’t secure it. Pacquiao, Hagler, Klitschko all went on with their careers, successfully so, without the need to correct their early losses, and despite the loud protesting voices on many forums, Khan will do the same.

The best thing for Breidis Prescot now would be to go away, lick his wounds and return, setting his course on a different path. First area he needs to address is his weight. He is not a big 140lb-er, he is huge, the boiling down, as we all saw Saturday night, is preventing him going into the championship rounds with enough gas in the tank to get the job done. Moving up to Welter will let him train more comfortably, put the gym work beforeĀ  the weight loss and return to his devastating best.
Next, he needs to look at his training team. At 28 he is still young enough to iron out some of the amateurish flaws he still displays. When he was throwing straight rights down the pipe Saturday he was getting untold success, yet suddenly he returned to winging swipes, and his corner never intervened at any stage. With a good corner and better work on his fundamentals, and we aren’t talking about re-inventing the wheel here, he is capable of knocking on the door of title fights in the not-so-distant future. Approaching a trainer of the calibre of Naseem Richardson would bear fruit immediately.

Finally, forget Khan. Forget him, and look solely at self development. Aim for bouts against Andre Berto, Victor Ortiz, the list could be endless. I have no doubts he could be a titlist within 5 fights, and then and ONLY then, tempt Amir back into the ring, as an equal.

Breidis Prescott could have so much more, but as it stands he will go down in the record books with the likes of Purity, Watts and Toledo. The “Khanqueror” can be so much more than just that.

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