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John McCallum looking to Curry On regardless …

After winning his recent fight ,and début fight in his home town of Edinburgh, pro sensation John Mcallum has agreed to the unusual request of enforcing the rules at a local curry eating competition.


On October 1st The Kismot restaurant in Edinburgh’s south side will host the annual “Kurry King or Queen“ competition. The competition sees the entrants participate by eating several different curry’s ,with each spoonful getting hotter! And its John McCallum’s job as judge to ensure that the contestants are sticking to the rules!


Avid Curry fan McCallum, explains its all for a good cause “When they asked me to do it ,I was taken by surprise. When they explained the format to me ,and that it was for the CHAS charity I jumped at the chance”


“I don’t mind given my time for a good cause like CHAS,and I would love to see the place full on the day” He goes on to reveal that he wont be sampling any of the curry as he is in training for his next fight “Unfortunately I wont be able to sample some of the Curry ,as I will be training for my next fight on October 28th at Wishaw sports Centre, but I will be making sure the contestants certainly stick to the rules!”


The Competition takes place on October 1st at the Kismot Indian and Bangladeshi Restaurant,

29 St Leonards Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9QN with doors opening at 12pm .Other Guest judges on the day will be current Miss Body Building Britain champion Laura Iriving and Mr Scotland body building champion Ben Stone


To take part in the event ,and stand a chance to win the Kurry King trophy or Kurry Queen Crown the entrance fee is £20 ,with all money going to Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) .For further details and registration details please visit Kismot’s website www.kismot.co.uk or contact 0131 667 0123.

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