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Bam on Boxing , 13th September

Last Friday (Sept. 9) at the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia there was a boxing card promoted by Peltz Boxing, Don Chargin and Golden Boy.  A quick look at the results were as follows:

King Gabriel Rosado defeated Keenan Collins, of Reading, PA, over 10 rounds to win the PA State Junior Middleweight Championship.  Rosado, who always puts on an exciting and suspense-filled evening, trains at the Rivera Recreation center at 5th & Allegheny.    He is a local hero and a source of inspiration to many kids growing up in his area.  Keep an eye on him!

Bethlehem (PA) welterweight Ronald Cruz added another “W” to his record, taking it up a notch to 14-0, 11 K0s, a 75% knockout rating.  He dismantled Chris Fernandez, of Salt Lake City, over six rounds of their scheduled eight-round bout.  Cruz is getting better with every fight.  Keep an eye on him as well!  If he continues on his current track he will be headed for bigger things.

Friday’s card was exciting!  The matches were competitive and the fighters did not disappoint!  It is easy to hop on the undefeated bandwagon, or even the Championship bandwagon.  In my opinion, the undercard also was good.

I enjoyed the four-round heavyweight match between William Miranda, of Allentown and Lonnie Kornegay, of Baltimore.

Miranda lost a decision in a very tough fight, but I give him credit.  He is what I call every man.  He strikes you as a regular guy who comes to work and works hard.  His physique is not chiseled but his heart is bigger than the State of Pennsylvania.  He earns every penny he makes in the ring–so my respect to Miranda.  Keep swinging and people will enjoy your fights.

Welterweight DeCarlo Perez (left), of Atlantic City, scored a stunning first-round knockout over Tolan Tascoe, of Newark, NJ.  I am excited to have Perez on my first card: Bam Boxing Promotions, Sept 30, at the National Guard Armory, 2700 Southampton Road, Philadelphia, PA..

I read one of the best analysis of the card by John DiSanto, of www.phillyboxinghistory.com. John, you deserve recognition!  You gave a clear, concise, detailed view of the Sept. 9 fight card.  I started to put my twist on the night’s fights, but figured you already have done that.  There is not much more I can say than you already wrote.  I urge the readers to check it out on his site.  John is to the boxing keyboard what Floyd Mayweather is to the boxing ring.

Phillyboxinghistory.com contains the most in-depth information you can get anywhere.  It resembles an online library of stories and stats about Philadelphia boxing.  John also does a lot of work for fighters who may or may not know him.  I am sure you will agree that his sources of information and his input are diversified!

What Makes a Promoter?

The definition of a promoter: a person that promotes something.  So here I go!

We–and when I say we–I am talking about all the boxing junkies and enthusiasts, even the casual fan, must breathe life into this sport!  These guys are fighting their hearts out, the promoters are taking risks and attendance for the Peltz card at the Asylum Arena Friday was around 730-740 people.  If each person would have brought just one friend to the show it would have sold out.

If the fighters, managers and trainers sold a few more tickets there would have been a line at the door.  Why would I want to do this?  Because it grows the support that your fighter needs and deserves!  Because it creates atmosphere, it cements friendships and supports everyone involved.  It employs people–printers, reporters, fighters, concessionaires, beverage servers, DJs, film crews, TV cameramen, parking attendants, building managers, rental agents, boxing commissioners, referees, ring renters, and so much more!  You have to have heart to be a fighter and you have to have heart to be a promoter.

We often hear people say we need jobs.  If so, attend a boxing card and you will get you money’s worth.  You will be stimulating the economy.  There is nothing like a live event.  You can drive to the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia.  The parking is easy, the security is good and the crowds are great.  People are missing a night out with their sons, wives, girlfriends or business associates.

Spread the word, invite someone to a fight!   I have never heard anyone say: when I was a kid my dad made me go to the fights and I hated it! What I have heard is this:  My dad would take me to the fights or I remember this fighter or that fighter.

A night at the fights establishes a basis for conversation and good memories that last a lifetime.   When someone is describing a fight or a fighter they have seen their fists close and their arms go up.  They describe the action and they re-live it!  So spread the word, tell a friend, a boss, a co-worker.  Get them to go with you to the fights!

I look forward to seeing you at my first show:  Bam Boxing Promotions presents “The Beginning” on Friday, Sept. 30, at The National Guard Armory, 2700 Southampton Road.  The souvenir program will have detailed stories about the fighters on the card.  We will make all the arrangements for food, beverage, chair rentals and more.

We are donating our portion of the profits from food concessions to the Fox Chase Cancer Center.  We will have “The Wall of Fame” and hang company or corporate banners for $200.00 and Bam will donate $100.00 from each banner to the Fox Chase Cancer Center as well.

I am working hard to get your business.  We have an option to donate a ticket where people who cannot attend have purchased tickets and donated them.  We have distributed a pair of tickets to Kensington High School.  We will be getting tickets out to gyms and recreation centers throughout the city.

To professional fighters not on the card:  If the only time you go to a boxing match is when you are fighting, then you are missing the opportunity to take a young child and spend some time mentoring him or her.  We are working hard for your business and I look forward to seeing everyone on Sept. 30.

The author is a senior in sport and recreation management at Temple University.  She recently joined Peltz Boxing. Please follow us on twitter @PeltzBoxing or Brittany @bamonboxing.


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