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The spirit of boxing: Hard Knocks ring girl competition is on!

Boxing is not an expensive brand of clothes you wear on the weekend and then keep in the closet the rest of the week, neither is a girl you just want to have fun with and leave in the morning, or one of many stars in the sky of your interests or hobbies. Whether you are a fan, a fighter, a pundit, or a promoter, when the spirit of boxing gets hold you, it becomes the sun around which your entire universe revolves, more than any other sport or discipline.

Now, imagine if a man who has always been a massive fan before anything else, but who has also been a fighter and a trainer and a pundit, had a chance to organize and promote boxing matches the way a fan would do. Actually, don’t imagine, come and meet him in person: his name is Spencer “The Spirit” Fearon.

Along with his associate Ciaran Baynes, Fearon founded Hard Knocks Boxing Promotions in 2009, staging his first show in March of the same year. Incredibly, only two years later, jumping all the domestic competition, Hard Knocks has just announced a 6 fights TV deal with Premier Sport (Sky channel 433), a company who has showed a true passion for boxing televising for the UK market some of the greatest American fights of the last 12 months and is becoming a major player on the scene. The first instalment of this partnership, “This is Hard Knocks”, will take place at London York Hall on October 7, featuring the stable star former WBU Featherweight champion Choi Tseveenpurev, as headliner.

The secrets behind this meteoric rise are quite simple, really. A true love for the sport plus a fan, rather than business, mentality are the ingredients of a recipe aimed to make boxing appealing to the general public as a form of pure entertainment, as opposite to the current profit and politics oriented general climate and the ridiculous proliferation of belts and titles that are sickening even the most hardcore fans. What you are guaranteed to find at a Hard Knocks show, it’s equally matched fights where the best man wins, regardless of who the house fighter is, spectacular choreographies and ring entrances, and an unusually mixed crowd, a combination of different generations, ethnics and genders. It’s a completely different feeling from any other show in town, like a rave or a rock concert with fighters on stage instead of musicians and DJs.

The attention for the choreography and the purely entertaining side of the show leads to the next Hard Knocks extravaganza, which will take place at 15:00 of Saturday the first 1st of October at the premises of The Real Fight Club, in Liverpool Street, in collaboration with Boxing Evolution, a company that has been involved with the organization of Fearon’s previous shows:  the Hard Knocks Ring Girl competition!

A group of 20 beautiful girls will compete in a three part trial, consisting of getting in and out of the ring displaying the card, a bikini catwalk, and series of question on boxing to determine who owns the best skills and confidence to entertain a crowd. Out of this group, 3 will be offered a contract to work in the 6 upcoming televised Hard Knocks bout, a great chance to get noticed.

The panel of judges in charge of the selection includes current British Light Welterweight champion Ashley Theophane, former WBO/British/Commonwealth Featherweight champion Colin McMillan, Prizefighter Super Middleweight champion Patrick Mendy, the founder of Model Fight Night Monica Harris, writer Ezio Prapotnich and Spencer Fearon himself. The whole event will be filmed and will feature in an upcoming documentary on Ashley Theophane.

This is a great chance to meet and greet some big names of the UK boxing scene while having a good time. And, who knows? May be you will meet your future wife among the beautiful contestants!
What more can you ask on a Saturday afternoon?

Hard Knocks Boxing Promotions Ring Girl Competition will take place on Saturday October the 1st 15:00 to 17:00 at The Real Fight Club, 2-6 Curtain Road EC2A 3NQ London.
Tickets are £10 at the door or £8 if purchased in advance at http://www.boxingevolution.com/products-page/events/hard-knocks-ring-girl-competition-ticket

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