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Mayweather & Pacquiao ultra fight destined to happen

Five-weight division champion verses a seven-weight division champion, one is undefeated and the other is undisputed, both are the best in the world and arguably the best boxers ever. Those are the incentives to spend $100 just to get one channel for 1 night. Is it worth it? Hell yes. Fans became eager but the breakdown of talks between both parties has left them frustrated. Frustration has slowly turned into desperation. With retirement looming for both fighters, it’s very hard to remain optimistic.

Regardless of how the majority feel, this event is destined to happen. The financial gains are monumental. Mayweather’s last victory over Victor Ortiz rewarded him with a hefty $40million. The purse generated from the Mayweather and Pacquiao bout would make that look like minimum wage. In the current generation of boxers who adopt lucrative contracts with their promoters or establish their own promoting agency, it’s fair to say Pacquiao and Mayweather would have enough to buy a small country. Unfortunately the consequence of these two in a potential fight means their egos will be demanding a bigger purse relative to their opponent, especially the over inflated ego of Floyd Mayweather.

Earlier this year Bob Arum talked with reporters regarding Mayweather’s demands. He says:

“Take a guess at the number that he asked for, for himself? One-hundred.That’s right, $100 million. I mean, who’s going to pay him $100 million? I mean, unless Manny Pacquiao fights for nothing, how can you do the fight? Mayweather can’t say no, he doesn’t want the fight, so you price yourself out.”

Amazing. The highest a boxer has ever earned from a bout was Oscar De le Hoya, earning over $50 million from his fight with Mayweather. If what Arum says is true then Mayweather wants earnings that will almost double that. It is a very interesting accusation and will leave more reasons for the fans to hate Mayweather, if they didn’t have enough reasons as it was. Only issue with this comment is the person who made the comment, Bob Arum. His reputation exceeds what ever professional aura he tries to display, one of deliberate manipulation.  Recently he allowed himself to publicly trash talk the UFC, a mixed martial arts promotion company, referring to the MMA athletes as homosexuals due to the full body contact nature of the sport. Bob Arum also declared that Pacquiao has agreed to undergo a blood and urine test 14 days prior to the fight, which qualifies Mayweather’s criteria ensuring that both boxers fight clean. On July 2011, Michael Koncz, Pacquiao’s top advisor, confirmed that Pacquiao never agreed to testing up to the fight day, blatantly contradicting what Arum said for over a year.

Does that sound like someone who you would want to listen to for accurate statements regarding Mayweather and Pacquiao. He does represent Pacquiao, and Mayweather is always bragging about his riches but not even ‘Money’ is naive enough to demand such an outrageous number.

Money may have a lot of value especially when multi-million dollars are concerned but it is not as valuable as cementing your place as the ultimate legend in the sport.  With the current debate being who is the best between Mayweather & Pacquiao, there are only two people who can solve that riddle. With possible retirement approaching for both boxers who are in their 30s, I am confident they will answer the biggest question in boxing history some time next year. Arguing over who wins the bigger pursue is trivial, securing their place as the best ever should by far eclipse financial greed and ego.

Money comes and goes, a legacy never dies.


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