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Jeff Thomas Aims to Thrill the Fans Once More

It all started with a relatively harmless message on Twitter. ‘Eddie, please give me a shot, I’ll human windmill for 3 rounds no joke’. Jeff Thomas’ Tweet immediately caught the eye of both the fans and boxing journalists alike. A regular forum poster on both Eastsideboxing and Boxrec, Thomas spread his comeback message into cyberspace and whipped the online world into a frenzy. Suddenly, Eddie Hearn was bombarded with ‘Re-tweets’ and direct messages all urging him to give the man from Lancaster one final crack at the big time in the Light Middleweight Prizefighter.

The sad fact was, Jeff Thomas had faded into relative obscurity. Having once shared the ring with future World Champion Ricky Burns, as well as a future two-time Commonwealth Champion Lee McAllister; Thomas announced his retirement after losing to Oisin Fagan back in 2003.

That was until he was offered one last chance at stardom. Having returned with a battling draw against Rick Boulter in March of this year, Thomas’ online campaign was successful in earning him a place in Prizefighter, where he was matched against the unbeaten Kris Agyei-Dua in the quarterfinal stage. After an entertaining start, the fight exploded into life with a minute left in the first round when Thomas landed a suburb left hook to the chin of Agyei-Dua, sending the man from Essex to the canvas. As the internet forums went crazy, what followed was exactly what Thomas had promised – three rounds of human windmilling. After a thoroughly enjoyable fight, Agyei-Dua was awarded the win by referee Terry O’Connor after all three ringside judges scored the bout even.

Following his fan-friendly showing in the tournament, Thomas isn’t looking to call it a day just yet. ‘I want to fight again ASAP’ Thomas said. ‘Prizefighter was a great experience and has done lots to raise my profile. I received nothing but good feedback on the back of it but I really want to stay busy and stay relevant as I feel that if I’m active my performances will only get better.’

‘I’ve had a few opponents talked about including Nathan Graham, a rematch with Agyei-Dua and a fight with Phil Fury, but as yet nothing is confirmed and I won’t take any fight unless they give me decent notice.’

While a showdown with fellow internet forum user ‘Furious’ Phil Fury would drum up a huge amount of viral hype, Thomas fully understands that he is not a natural Light Middleweight. ‘I will definitely be fighting at Welterweight next. Prizefighter was actually at 11st 2lbs which is really Middleweight. That means in theory I’ve fought in every division between Super Feather and Middleweight as a pro. But I do realise that anything above Light Middle is a step too far. I’m giving away too many advantages.’

Whatever his next move, Thomas will certainly be supported by his legions of online followers. ‘Yes there was added pressure to perform with the online campaign, but to be honest I loved it’ Thomas added. ‘I just love making people happy and giving the fans exciting fights. I’ve seldom been in a bad fight. Even when I was a youngster I had pretty thrilling wars with Peter Allen, Martin Hardcastle and McAllister. I’m willing to lay it all on the line in the ring. I love people standing on their feet and applauding, as well as the kudos I get from being a fighter. Climbing back in the ring after 5 years was a great achievement and I’m still unbeaten on my comeback. I just urge people to stick behind me. I won’t always give you glory nights, but I’ll give you a great show every time I fight.’

Thomas still has a number of things he wishes to achieve before he hangs up his gloves for one final time. ‘My ambitions before I retire are to become a champion of some description and feature in a FOTY candidate. I’m no Floyd Mayweather, but I’ve got a massive heart and I won’t back down to anybody. I think my popularity on the internet is pretty rare. I bring out the best in a lot of people, and they bring out the best in me.’

One thing is certain. If Jeff Thomas continues to thrill the crowds with his action packed style and never-say-die attitude, he will add yet more fans to his ever growing online following.


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