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Mayweather’s lateral movement is no more…at least Roach says so


Freddie Roach believes the skills of Floyd Mayweather Jr are declining, at least as far as his footwork is concerned.

Roach said: “His legs are gone, he has no more lateral movement. In his last couple of fights he has been standing right in front of guys. That works better for us.”

Asked about his thoughts on the Mayweather vs Cotto match that takes place on May 5th, Roach said: “I hope Cotto puts him on his ass!”

I’m not sure that Floyd’s lateral movement is declining. Perhaps the five weight brash champion finally wants to give the public what they have always craved, to see him take punishment, dish it back and score knockouts. Maybe he wants to give the public something to remember him by.

But in all honesty, I think the more likely reason is that Floyd’s last three opponents have posed such little danger to him that Mayweather felt comfortable enough to go forward. Marquez was a blown up lightweight who lost his speed. He didn’t gain the extra weight correctly which affected his overall performance. Mosley was 38 years old when he finally fought Floyd and was a shell of himself that only had two rounds in him before running out of gas. And Victor Ortiz is one dimensional. He has speed, youth and power but as Lamont Peterson showed against him on the undercard of the Khan vs Maidana contest, Ortiz only fights one way on the night. And against Floyd Mayweather, an opponent needs more than one gameplan to stand a chance because he adapts.

There is no doubt that Mayweather’s skills will inevitably decline but for now, further proof will need to be seen to validate Roach’s claim. The one dimentional plodder, Antonio Margarito managed to push back and trap Cotto on the ropes in their rematch at times, so even if Floyd was successful in trying the same I do not feel that it would prove much.

Speaking of a Pacquiao vs Mayweather match (I know it’s tiresome but bear with me), Pacquiao was eating right hands off Marquez in their third match all night long last year and Mayweather employed little lateral movement against Ricky Hatton because he did not need to. He stood in front of Hatton and could have landed his right hands with his eyes closed on the popular British fighter. That’s how easy it was! And while I wouldn’t say that it looked equally easy for Marquez, let’s just say that it would be very difficult to make a case for Pacquiao winning that fight!

The only two things in common that Marquez and Mayweather have in common is that they are counter punchers but the one thing in common that Pacquiao has with Ricky Hatton is that they could be hit with right hands with frighteningly ease!

And perhaps Floyd Mayweather would not need lateral movement against Manny Pacquiao should they ever meet. Are you listening Freddie Roach?


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