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Ali Adams is ready for Audley Harrison

Thriving off Underdog Status

Ali Adams is ready for Audley Harrison

With only six weeks until the big title fight on 26th May we thought it was about time to have a word with ‘The Tiger’ Ali Adams who takes on the world renowned  Audley Harrison in a 10 round heavyweight dust-up.

Adams is an unheard of fighter for many a casual boxing fan, however his name has been cast into the limelight ever since his fight with Harrison was announced by promoter Steve Goodwin.

The fight was originally due to take place this weekend, but with injury hampering ‘A-Force’s’ training camp the whole bill was moved back 6 weeks until 26th May. Adams though has taken a back seat throughout the whole build-up to the fight, something the Chelsea based man has no problem with. ‘I am very happy to sit back and watch Audley talk the talk, I have been working away in the gym getting myself into great shape, I don’t need to talk to a video camera whilst I’m training, I need to be fully focused’

‘The Tiger’ is though slightly aggrieved about how much talking Harrison is doing over he’s personal channel on YouTube, he said ‘Everyone knows if Audley could fight like he talks, he would be the greatest heavyweight known to man. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and Audley probably has the most tarnished name within the sport.’

He continued ‘I’m getting bored of uncle Audley talking about redemption, clean slates and fresh starts because seriously, how many slates does he want? Everyone knows he is the bookies favourite and that’s great because it gives me another reason to drive harder everyday in the gym with Don Charles.’

It has been claimed by many boxing critics that Adams is not even a top domestic level fighter and many have given him no chance at all, however  the 30 year-old can’t wait to prove everyone wrong on May 26th ‘Most of my life I have been the underdog and given little chance, but look at where I am now. People can write me off that’s fine because once I beat Audley in Brentwood, I’ll be looking to take on the next fool who thinks I am an easy ride’

He’s last words on Audley Harrison were simple, ‘He talks the talk but never ever walks the walk, It will be clear for all to see that, on May 26th at the Brentwood Centre, Essex’

Tickets are available  at www.goodwinpromotions.co.uk


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