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Terrazas tops card in Arandas this Saturday

This Saturday, Arandas Jalisco adds Championship Boxing to its city with the Road to Glory, a Triple Championship card


ARANDAS, JALISCO.- Founded in the mid 1700’s, and nested at over 6.000 feet above sea level, Arandas, Jalisco is a small city that not only holds on to old Mexican traditions but has also welcomed modern day culture and activities.


With a population of a little less than 100,000, its sports facilities include venues for the practice of soccer, volleyball, basketball and athletics. It also has a bullring, a Lienzo Charro, for the display horsemanship skills, and in contrast, a skate park.


This weekend, Championship boxing will also be added to the list of activities for the town that is located approximately 65 miles East of Guadalajara.


With the support of Arandas Mayor, Jose Guadalupe Tejeda Vázquez, Canelo Promotions is presenting the first multi championship card, at the Municipal Auditorium.


For its final press conference regarding the international ‘ROAD TO GLORY’ card that will take place this Saturday April 14, including fighters from Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico, the Mayor hosted the conference and was accompanied by another Jalisco idol, twice former world champion Oscar “Chololo” Larios.


Far from the typical nylon backdrops, the ‘ROAD TO GLORY’ press conference had an open-air setting showing the cities clear weather and several maguey plants, the source of the biggest wealth for the city and the Jalisco region: the production of Tequila, promoted as ‘The very best in the world’.


And it was under this general theme: the convergence of a welcoming city and international world class talent that Saturday’s card was presented to the local press. After the Mayor and Larios welcomed the fighters and the promoters, it was the fighters themselves that spoke about the event.


Mexico’s Victor ‘Vikingo’ Terrazas, WBC Super Bantamweight Silver Champion will face Colombia’s Jose Palma in what will be his second opportunity fighting a Colombian.


“The first time I fought a Colombian, I knocked him out and this time, I plan to do the same. Feider Viloria only lasted three rounds. This can give Palma an idea of what to expect, “said, ‘The Viking’.


In response, the South American fighter said: “I like to trade punches and in my career, I have only been knockout once, that was very early in my career, I come prepared to upset Terrazas.”


For its part, undefeated Gilbert “Lefty” Ramirez, who will risk his WBC youth Middleweight Championship title against Costa Rican Jaime “Indio” Barboza said that his fight will end sooner than expected. Short on words but strong in punching power, Ramirez, who has knocked out 90% of his opponents, explained:


“This fight will be short, but very explosive, will finish soon with my challenger,” he said.


Barboza took the microphone to tell the champion that two years ago came to Mexico to take on then undefeated Jose Pinzon, a surging boxer that also boasted of his powerful fists. Borbosa beat Pinzon al home, taking the title.


“Many boxers boast of their power, mainly the young undefeated fighters like Ramirez and I must say that not even Irish Brian Magge, whom I fought at a higher division, could fulfill his promise of knocking me out, ” said ‘El Indio’.


Another championship battle, between Mexicans will pit Bantamweights Jesus ‘Estrellita’ Ruiz, from Sonora, and Christian ‘Italiano’ Esquivel, who will fight for the North America Boxing Federation (NABF) belt , one held by many top rated boxers prior to going forward to stellar world-class careers.


Jesus Ruiz and Christian Esquivel, both with very respectable punch, were confident of victory. The matches between compatriots are often very emotional and this is should not be the exception to the rule.


The official weight-in for this card will take place Friday an Parque Hidalgo, one of Arandas many cultural centers.


The championship card will be televised nationally to Mexico via Televisa’s Noches de Corona, on Channel 5.


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