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Dawson: “I’m too big and too strong”

Chad Dawson believes he will be the better fighter the night him and Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins duke it out for the second time on April 28th since their last contest that took place on 15th October that was ruled a No Contest due to Hopkins being unable to continue due to an injured shoulder.

Dawson said he has been training hard to get in good shape and take out the 47 year old Philadelphian veteran light-heavyweight fighter.

“After training camp, after I put my eight weeks in and we go into that fight, I know what I can do. I know what I’m capable of. I’m not taking shortcuts. I’m not doing all the things just to get by. I’m doing what I have to do because I know that I have to take this old man out of this sport. He has to go,” said the 29 year old Dawson.

Dawson believes Hopkins is still fighting because he is finding it difficult to call it a day on his career.

“I see a guy that’s trying to hold on to something that’s not his anymore,” Dawson told Boxing Scene.com. Just like (boxing promoter) Gary Shaw said, he’s fighting for that WBC belt. He’s not fighting because he wants to. Bernard Hopkins is holding on to something that he needs to let go. It’s like Michael Jordan when he retired and came back.

“Bernard never retired and came back, but there comes a point when these young guys are going to overtake you. There’s going to come a point where guys are going to be too big and strong for you. This is that point right here. I believe I’m too big and strong. He saw it that night,” said Dawson.

Dawson might need to think a little further if he believes that their April 28th match may just be about strength. Hopkins has a wealth of experience behind him and is known to be one of the most frustrating fighters to box of the modern era but there can always come the time when age will have finally caught up, yet, it remains to be seen when that will happen for Hopkins.



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