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The Boxing World’s Predictions – Floyd Mayweather v Miguel Cotto


Video Preview: By Ryan Kinzett


A Look Ahead to Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto – by Ryan McHugh

We are now less than a month away from one of the most anticipated fights of the year, when America’s hottest talent Floyd Mayweather collides with Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto at the Garden arena of the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on 5 May.  For the second time in consecutive fights, Mayweather enters as the challenger as opposed to the champion.  Last time out, he was fighting Victor Ortiz at 147lbs for the WBC welterweight world title, this time he goes up in weight to challenge Miguel Cotto for his 154lb WBA belt – the very same belt Cotto successfully defended last year in a bitter grudge match against arch-rival Antonio Margarito, gaining redemption in the process.

Cotto looks like a renewed fighter under new trainer Pedro Luis Diaz, who has brought out another side of his charge – in his last fight against Margarito he displayed skills rarely seen of him, putting together combinations and showing some fantastic movement that was non-existent with the Cotto of old, particularly the way he kept spinning away from the ropes when Margarito seemed to have him backed up.  This doesn’t necessarily show that Cotto has what it takes to beat Mayweather, but to me it shows that Diaz is a man who has what it takes to construct an intricate gameplan to suit Cotto, depending on the opponent. More importantly, it proves that Cotto is willing to listen and possesses the ability to box a beautiful fight rather than turning every bout into a war.

The task is a large one though, as Mayweather keeps holding onto that undefeated record and shows no signs of slipping up. Floyd has picked up an army of critics over the years, whether it be those claiming he is avoiding someone, or those who simply complain he doesn’t possess a fan-friendly style.  In his past couple of fights though, he has begun to display hints that he is ready to show the public the side to Floyd Mayweather that everybody wants to see, or as Nazeem Richardson so brilliantly put it “Floyd will sprout wings and a tail and turn into a dragon”.  Against Shane Mosley he was absolutely dominant – he got tagged in the second round with a huge right hand, but recovered quickly and the blow seemed to infuriate him and bring out the side to him which Nazeem had predicted.  For 10 long rounds he taught Shane a boxing lesson and on several occasions the fight could easily have been stopped.

The dragon once again unfurled its wings in his next fight against Victor Ortiz.  Ortiz obviously had it in his head from the get-go that he was going to try to beat Mayweather with rough-house tactics, backed up by constant leading with the head and intentional head butts he was throwing.  In the fourth round, Ortiz nailed Floyd with a huge headbutt that caused referee Joe Cortez to step in and deduct a point from him.  If the intention was to rattle Mayweather, it succeeded,only in bringing out his ruthless side – while Joe Cortez was signalling to the time keeper and Ortiz was trying to kiss and make up, Mayweather brushed him away and landed a left-right combination that sent the champion flying to the canvas.  Ortiz never looked like regaining his feet and was waved off by Joe Cortez after failing to beat the count.

The question is, can Floyd take an aggressive approach with a guy like Cotto, who now campaigns at a weight seven pounds higher than Floyd, is known as an excellent pressure fighter, and who neutralises his opponents with vicious body shots.  Only time will tell what tactics Floyd will deploy.

It’s an intriguing match up for sure and one that’s more than deserved for a proud warrior like Miguel Cotto.  He is guaranteed to walk away with a career-high purse, but you can bet your life that his number-one priority is a win against Mayweather – something that cannot be said for many of Floyd’s past opponents.

Here are predictions from our writers, forum members and the pros of the boxing world.

Boxing World

Callum Johnson, Professional Boxer
I see Mayweather winning a comfortable points win maybe even late stoppage I just can’t see any one testing him he in a class of his own, Mayweather

John McCallum Jnr, Professional Boxer
I can’t wait for this fight, I’m a big Mayweather fan. I think Cotto will be dangerous early but Mayweather will win a clear points decision. Mayweather

Rick Glaser, Professional Boxing Businessman
Mayweather, easy – speed kills and Cotto can no longer get out of the way. Cotto is on the back nine and heading toward the clubhouse during this one-sided fight. Mayweather

Andre Courtemanche, Big Media Buzz
Mayweather is going to spank Cotto! Cotto is an action hero – he makes great fights and I’d pay to watch him against almost anybody, but styles make fights and Mayweather will toy with Cotto. Stoppage on cuts in the middle rounds. Mayweather

Matt Yanofsky, Knock out Publicty
Mayweather by decision: Cotto fights him tougher than expected but ultimately drops a competitive decision in a bout that Mayweather takes over down the stretch. Mayweather

Ashley Sexton, Professional Boxer
I think Floyd will win once he’s in his groove. Miguel won’t get near him but my mum is half Puerto Rican and my mum and dad just got married in San Juan, Puerto Rico and they are a proud people and we all know that Miguel has looked a different fighter of late. If anyone can beat “Money” it’s Cotto – he will hit Floyd to the body hard. It will be interesting – my heart says “Pride of Puerto Rico” but my head says Mayweather! Mayweather

Shea Bailey,  Shea Bailey Promotions
Miguel Cotto will be a live underdog in this fight and will be competitive the first four or five rounds. After that it will turn into the Floyd Mayweather Show and Floyd will run a clean sweep. The fight goes the distance and Mayweather wins on the cards 117-111.  Competitively one-sided fight. Mayweather

Bob Trieger, Full Court Press
I believe Mayweather is the best p4p fighter in the world. Cotto’s as tough as they come and he should give Floyd some trouble for the first six rounds.  However, Floyd will pop Cotto over and over to the point where the fight will be stopped late or Mayweather will will an easy decision. Mayweather

J Russell Peltz, Peltz Boxing Promotions
Love him or hate him, Floyd Mayweather Jr., may be the finest fighter of his generation.  I never have been a big believer in weight advantage so I do not think Cotto has an edge ther – Mayweather simply is too good for Cotto and perhaps for anyone else even remotely close to his size.  The only thing Mayweather cannot beat is aging. Mayweather

Yvon Michel, President of GYM
Mayweather is moving weight going at 154lbs. I love Pedro Diaz, who is the new trainer of Miguel Cotto – he made a lot of changes on Cotto, who was much more organized strategically in the rematch with Margarito. He also added a very important asset – confidence. Furthermore, when you are undefeated you are only moving forward…closer to a defeat. My call here: Cotto on points. Cotto

Thomas Falowo, Professional Boxer
I think Cotto will be in the fight for the first three or four rounds but after that point Mayweather will figure out Cotto’s offence and control the rest of the fight. Cotto can make it a more difficult fight by being more agressive, which I don’t think will happen for fear of being countered. Although I don’t think Cotto will win more than three or four rounds. it should be an entertaining fight. Mayweather

Kathy Duva, CEO Main Events
I always have to go with Mayweather, who will counterpunch and pick off Cotto from the opening bell. However, Cotto is a great fighter and I expect that he will make it a bit more exciting than the typical Mayweather fight. Mayweather

Doug Jacobs, Integrated Sports Media
As tough as Cotto is, I like Mayweather to win rather easily – Floyd’s too quick and will pick apart Cotto. Mayweather

Frank Stea, Boxing Insider
This is a better match-up than most people think – Cotto’s pressure fighting with his new technical boxing approach might cause Floyd a little trouble in the early rounds. Those early rounds are where Mayweather figures out his opponent. He will figure out Cotto no later than round three en route to a unanimous decision victory. Mayweather

Paul Weir, Retired Professional Boxer
I predict it will be a thinking fight, but see Mayweather using speed and movement and countering Cotto to win on points. Mayweather

Neville Brown, Retired Professional Boxer
I believe this is a great fight, but I have to go with Mayweather – I think he is the all-round fighter and has the best plan for any fighter: “Hit but not be hit”. Plus there is no catchweight, which is a win/win for all involved in boxing. This fight could go any way if either fighter lands on the money -both are capable of winning with a single punch. I think they they are class fighters and will bring their “A” games! Mayweather to pull away with late stoppage or points, but I do believe it’s down to which fighter believes he can win after the first bell sounds. Mayweather

Leon “Solid” Williams , Professional Boxer
Mayweather all day, every day – I rate Cotto highly but I feel Mayweather will be too elusive, cocky and clever for Cotto. Mayweather

Gary Boulden , Professional Boxer
Mayweather by a late stoppage – I think Cotto will be made for him, will walk straight into the right hand and won’t have the speed of hand or foot to catch up with Mayweather on any sort of regular basis. Mayweather

Jamie “Smigga” Smith , Professional Boxer
I think Mayweather will win on points – he has too much skill for Cotto. Mayweather

Stephen Smith, Professional Boxer
I think Mayweather will have too much skill and speed for Cotto and will win a wide points decision.  Mayweather

Danny Hughes, Professional Boxer
Mayweather will take Cotto apart and stop him in rounds 10 to 12. Mayweather

Kieran Farrell
, Professional Boxer
Mayweather – I think Cotto would have been more dangerous a couple of years back before he fought Tony Margarito. Mayweather

Andreas Evensen , Professional Boxer
I think Mayweather wins this by UD, but hope he has to struggle for it. It’s been a long time since we have seen Mayweather in deep waters, but anyway, Mayweather all the way! Mayweather

Daxx Kahn, Billy C Boxing
I think Floyd will come in over-confident and find himself mistaken about how easily Cotto can be beaten – Cotto has developed his game full-circle. Floyd will win in the end but he will have some moments when he wonders exactly where this version of Cotto came from. Mayweather by UD but look to see him in a similar bout at this weight as he had with De La Hoya. Mayweather

Shane “Mr Block” Mcphilbin, Professional Boxer
This is gonna be an all-time classic – two living legends going head to head. Although Floyd is favourite, don’t underestimate the power and heart of Cotto – he is a true warrior who can dig deep when he needs to. I’m gonna go for a Cotto win. Cotto

Phil Fury, Professional Boxer
I think this gonna be very good fight – I think Mayweather wins it on points but close fight. Mayweather picks the better shots, but both are in a tough fight. Mayweather

Wayne Elcock, Professional Boxer
Mayweather vs Cotto is a fantastic fight on paper and the styles also look like they will gel to make it a cracking fight, but I believe Mayweather will just have to much game for Cotto. Mayweather is rarely forced to come out of even second gear as he dictates his fights with slick defensive skills and counters with pinpoint accuracy every mistake his opponent makes. I can see Cotto falling in and getting stopped late on after absorbing too many of these counters, so going for a Mayweather win by TKO in round nine. Mayweather

Amici Annie Flares, Boxologist
If Mayweather don’t KO Cotto early and cuts don’t ruin it for Cotto, I see him winning over the distance. Cotto

Kevin Campion , Boxing Trainer
Mayweather by a wide UD – he knows too much, is too quick and too clever – he won’t chase and walk onto shots like Antonio Margarito did. Mayweather

Miranda Carter, Left Jab Promotions
My heart is with Cotto but my head is with Mayweather. I would like to see Cotto combine his mental toughness and counterpunching to win, but I suspect Mayweather will exploit his reach advantage and extraordinary defence to prevail in the ninth.

Terrance Lane, Letsgetitonboxing
Mayweather UD. As much as my heart wants to pick Cotto after that spirited and impressive vengeance victory over Margarito, my head won’t let me. Mayweather is a masterful boxer and I don’t think Cotto has anything in his arsenal to answer with.  Mayweather

Austin Trout,
Professional Boxer
It will be interesting because I believe Floyd will win, but not as easily as most expect – I think Cotto is a dying tiger and that’s when tigers are most dangerous – when they are close to dying. Mayweather

Gregory D. Cohen,  GCP Boxing
Cotto vs Mayweather is a classic matchup that will have Cotto pressuring Floyd all night.  Unfortunately for Cotto, I believe he will be hard-pressed to be effective with his pressure and I expect Floyd to cut him to ribbons.  Floyd wins by late-round stoppage. Mayweather

Jim Holborn, Boxing Trainer
I think Cotto will come out to stop Mayweather in the first three to five rounds and he will rock him early on, but due to the openings brought on by trying to mix it, Cotto will also be dropped in the seventh and ninth rounds. The fight will end in the ninth with a TKO win for Mayweather. I think Cotto will try to finish it early due to Mayweather’s stamina and ability to dictate the fight. Mayweather

Spencer Fearon, Boxing Promoter
Is Mayweather gonna slow up? Not in this fight – I see this being like the Baldormir fight, with Floyd boxing rings around Miguel and maybe forcing a late stoppage around about the 10th. Cotto will fall short of the target each time and be countered with sharp shots in return. Mayweather

Bobby Hitz, Hitz Boxing
The intangibles in this fight are Mayweather’s speed and Cotto’s toughness.  If Cotto can make this a street fight and make the ring small, Cotto can have a lot of success.  But if Cotto allows Mayweather to dictate the tempo of the fight, he could be in for a long night.  My prediction is Mayweather by split decision. Mayweather


Ringnews24.com Writers

Ryan McHugh
This is a fight that really interests me as Floyd will be facing the best Miguel Cotto he can possibly face. For me, Cotto is the guy who most deserves the payday that comes with a Mayweather fight, and I’m hopeful that he’ll give an extremely good account of himself. My loyalties are completely split down the middle for this one as these guys are my two favourite fighters.

I see Cotto killing Floyd’s rhythm early on but once the first three or four rounds are out of the way, Floyd will start to figure Miguel out and I see him controlling the fight from then on. The method depends entirely on Floyd’s approach – if he takes the fight to Cotto, I see a late stoppage, otherwise I see him taking it wide on the cards. I’m going to go for Mayweather to win nine rounds to Cotto’s three. Mayweather

Ross Harris
I predict this will be Floyd’s toughest fight in years. Cotto is coming into the bout confident after the Margarito fight, is comfortable at the weight and has a style that could trouble Mayweather. Floyd is so good at avoiding getting hit that I don’t know how often we can honestly say we’ve seen his heart and chin tested.

If Cotto can start aggressively and get up close to Mayweather he has a real chance, but if he allows Mayweather to dictate the pace and box his way in he could have a long night. My prediction? If he can set an aggressive pace early on, drag Mayweather into a scrap and maintain that intensity, I see a Cotto upset, possibly a late stoppage. However, if he lets Mayweather dictate from the off then it’s a wide points win for Floyd. Mayweather

Aaron Ormrod
I’ve always felt that Cotto is made to oder for Floyd, sadly – I don’t think Cotto throws enough punches to keep Floyd from teeing off on him, and once Floyd does begin to open up, Cotto’s face will begin to bruise/well/bleed.

Cotto’s biggest weapon if he can keep his head and use it is his jab – he used it to counter the speed of Judah and he will need to use it for the full 36 minutes should he last them on 5 May. Whether he has the speed to land anything of note behind it though is something I highly doubt. Size will not be so much a factor in this fight – in Mayweather fights it never really is, so I don’t expect the weight to play any part in the outcome.

In the Cotto-Pacqiuao fight we also saw Cotto struggle to really land much on Manny when he forced him onto the ropes – solving Manny’s defence compared to Floyds should really be simple. Ortiz forced Floyd on to the ropes, as did Hatton, but neither could really do anyting once there other than drain their own energy. I do not see Cotto having the speed to land a big shot to put Floyd in trouble the way Mosley did.

I rate Cotto highly and against any other fighter in the world – even rematches with guys he has lost against – I would give him a shot at winning or making a better fight of it. On 5 May though, I think we will see Floyd make a real mess of him and Cotto, like all the others, left wondering what else he could have done to just land a meaningful punch. If Cotto’s face holds up and his corner are a bit heartless I think he lasts the distance – failing that I see him being stopped in 10 rounds or so. Mayweather

Dave Allen
Mayweather, even though he is showing slight signs of slowing down, will still be to fast and skillful for Cotto. I dont see this fight going the distance -Cotto will get stopped on cuts or KO in around six or seven rounds. Some are saying that Mayweather’s life outside of boxing is in chaos and could affect his performance against Cotto, but Floyd lives in constant chaos and thrives on it, so it will have no effect in his performance. Once he steps in the ring the guy is all focus, that’s why he is the best out there at present. Mayweather

Gav Powell
It’s impossible to see anything other than a Mayweather UD – Cotto has always struggled against speedy, slick fighters and they don’t come much slicker than Mayweather. I don’t think Miguel could have beaten Floyd at any time in their respective careers, but since the Margarito defeat, he looks ever more hittable and his record flatters to deceive. Cotto’s biggest asset is his ability to land short, accurate punches and slowly batter his opponent into submission. Trouble is, Mayweather won’t be there to be hit and Cotto doesn’t have the speed to catch him in the way someone like Judah did. I see a tentative first quarter of the fight, before Mayweather shuts Cotto down and boxes his way to a wide decision. Mayweather

Rob Day
On paper I would pick Mayweather – he’s never lost and is the P4P No.1. Miguel Cotto is genuine world class and I also rank him in the top 10 P4P. Over the last few years Cotto has been the more active of the two, though Floyd always stays in great shape. I believe that Cotto has the ability to box or brawl and change his fighting style during a contest, and if he can time his attacks correctly he has a great chance of winning/stealing rounds. Floyd is a master at counter punching and is likely to enjoy success in this fight, but I think Cotto is getting this fight at the right time, as things out of the ring will be distracting Floyd. Cotto has waited a long time for this fight and I believe he has the right style to cause major problems and pinch a narrow points win. Cotto

Bobby Mac
After the last Mayweather travesty, who knows? But all things equal in a fairly conducted fight, Floydy prevails after a very tough go.Truth of the matter is that I’m not convinced he’s up for a dogfight that Cotto could put him in and not sure Cotto has enough left in the quiver to deliver his best-ever fight. Any decision favours Floydy, so therein are the favorite odds he will be at, but Cotto handled fast slick boxers like a prime Malignaggi, Judah and Mosley, so he could do this if he’s got all his ducks lined up. Too many unknowns for a more definitive answer. Mayweather

Joe Mitchell
This fight is a mismatch – Cotto is a big name and isn’t a 154lb fighter, he just hasn’t got it in him to get back to 147lbs. This isn’t a great fight and I expect a dominant Mayweather win. Cotto is here for the payday. Mayweather

Daniel Norris
I’ve got Floyd Mayweather winning. Not really going out on a limb with that one – Mayweather just has all the tools in the tool shed. Basically, whatever Cotto can do, Mayweather can do better. Cotto though, will have his moments and have them early in the fight. Cotto has underrated boxing skills and underrated timing – I can see Mayweather getting hit clean with Cotto’s jab early in the fight, but then Mayweather starts figuring out Cotto’s rhythm, starts to make adjustments, and takes over from around round three, round four onwards

Cotto either loses by UD or gets stopped in 10, 11 or 12 rounds. That’s basically what it comes down to. I’ll take Mayweather by UD, just because I think maybe Cotto survives and has enough heart and enough gas in the tank to make it the distance. Mayweather wins in the 118-110 range. Mayweather

Ryan Kinzett
We all know Floyd has the skill in abundance and hasn’t yet shown any signs of deteriorating. At 36, he is still the number-one boxer in the world. The only boxer who has come close to beating Floyd is Jose Luis Castillo in their first fight 10 years ago, which many believe Mayweather lost. That was Floyd’s first fight at 135lbs and Castillo’s relentless pressure for the whole 12 rounds proved very difficult for Floyd. Miguel Cotto will have his work cut out for him to try to apply pressure on Floyd for a whole 12 rounds. Cotto is a good boxer, has a good body assault and moves well, but does he do anything perfectly? Not really. Cotto is one of the world’s top boxers but he isn’t in the same class as Floyd Mayweather Jr. I think Cotto will do well early on and I think he could even have some late success but i think Floyd will win at least 8 rounds on the way to a unanimous decision. Result: Floyd Mayweather Jr UD. Mayweather

Dave Murphy
What does a fighter do when he can’t match his opponent in any category? Well, he goes into the fight full of grit and determination and hopes perhaps his opponent isn’t properly prepared and that sheer force of will can lead to victory. When your opponent is Floyd Mayweather and never at anything less than 100% prepared? Well, simply put, you lose. Mayweather is the best I ever saw at adapting and making adjustments during a fight. I suspect that Cotto will have some limited success for a few rounds and then will be gradually dismantled and broken down. I think the question is less who’s going to win and instead how long Cotto can remain competitive and whether he can see the finish line or get stopped short of it. My pick is Floyd Mayweather by TKO 10 as Cotto swells up and can’t continue. Mayweather

Lee Skavydis
I think Mayweather takes it on points – I don’t believe Cotto is the force that he once was, unfortunately. He’s a warrior who always gives it 110% percent, but the beatings from Margarito (first fight) and Pacquiao have taken their toll. People say that Cotto has been reborn with a better jab but I’ve yet to see where he has been using it really effectively – it took him forever to get rid of a shot Ricardo Mayorga and the eye of Antonio Margarito busted open early in the rematch, flattering the performance of Cotto.

Saying all this, Floyd Mayweather has looked more vulnerable ever since beating Ricky Hatton back in 2007 – he was clipped by Marquez in the second round with a clean right hook, rocked to his boots by Mosley, and Victor Ortiz caught him in an exchange in the fourth round before becoming frustrated, so I don’t think we are seeing a prime Mayweather, either. But stylistically, Floyd will have enough to beat Cotto. Even in their primes, I would have picked the five-weight champion to do the business. Mayweather

James Tonks
I predict this fight is one that Mayweather will go on to win on points. Previously, I could see Cotto just turning up for the payday, but he gained a lot of confidence and self-belief in the revenge fight with Margarito, and I can see a determined fighter turning up to try and shock the boxing world.

I believe Miguel Cotto will start the fight quickly and be on top early on, but as soon as Mayweather figures out Cotto’s style he will start to take charge of the fight. For Cotto to win he will need to turn up with more than one gameplan, as Floyd is the master of adapting to his opponent’s style.

In the end, I can see Cotto racing into an early lead with better workrate. I see rounds four to seven being close and competitive as Mayweather adapts to Cotto’s stye, before Mayweather takes full control and goes on to win by at least four to six rounds. Mayweather

Fans Predictions from our RN24 Facebook and RN24 Forum

Crusader, Ringnews24 Forum
I like Mayweather by unanimous decision – Cotto is tough and one of my favorite fighters to watch, but I don’t see Floyd standing toe-to-toe with Junito. I think Mayweather’s speed and movement will be too much in the championship rounds for Cotto. Floyd Mayweather UD. Mayweather

Grapevine, Ringnews24 Forum

This would have been the hottest fight in the sport four or five years ago. The lustre has worn off it since, but Cotto is always interesting in the ring and Mayweather is still crafty as ever. Cotto is Mayweather’s toughest opponent since De La Hoya and I expect the fight to be competitive early and perhaps even in the middle rounds. However, the end has not been in doubt in a Mayweather fight for almost a decade and this fight is no different. I think the more aggressive Mayweather we have seen of late has a chance to force a stoppage late in the fight. One wonders if Cotto’s face can hold up to cobra accuracy of Mayweather’s potshots. Mayweather

Simbros, Ringnews24 Forum

Points decision for Mayweather – after catching Cotto with some hard clean counters, Cotto becomes extremelly carefull and we witness an excruciating, boring fight. Let’s hope I’m wrong. Mayweather

Meathead, Ringnews24 Forum
I should preface this by saying I am a massive Cotto fan, which is why the next bit kinda sucks to write. This only ends one way and it’s a wide Mayweather UD. Cotto is a great boxer – he has the fundamentals absolutely locked down, and against 99% of the boxers he faces that’s enough. The problem is that against Mayweather that isn’t enough – he loves guys like this and is constantly sparring them in the gym. The fighters that trouble Mayweather – and he isn’t unbeatable as some believe – are the guys who either match him for speed or are quicker than him. Dont be fooled by the “I’m fighting him at his comfortable weight” and all the other nonsense that comes from Mayweather – he’s taking this fight because, barring a major shock, it’s a routine win for him. The names may well be stars but the fight itself just doesn’t match the hype. Mayweather by wide UD. Mayweather

Andre00, Ringnews24 Forum
Floyd Mayweather Jr late stoppage (ninth round onwards) – Floyd is too skillful and Cotto tends to make mistakes! And we all know with Floyd you make a mistake, you pay for it! Mayweather

Sheils, Ringnews24 Forum
A large points victory for Mayweather in this one. Cotto has his work cut out and the only chance he has is if Mayweather’s life outside the ring has caught up with him inside it. That won’t be the case though. Mayweather

Jeffrey Miller, Ringnews24 Facebook
Cotto wins the first three out of four, then Floyd figures him out, picks him apart in rounds five through 12. Mayweather easy decision. Mayweather

Ben Robinson, Ringnews24 Facebook
A few years ago this fight would have had people a little more excited, but Cotto has since been “found out” by Manny Pacquiao. Add to that the fact that Cotto has had some real beatings in recent fights and you’re looking at a less-mobile, less-confident fighter. Having said that, he is a supreme warrior and this will bring the best out of him. Mayweather too cagey early and gets to him late on. TKO round 11. Mayweather

Dean Finn, Ringnews24 Facebook
I know a lot of people are thinking this is going the distance. I give Mayweather a lot of credit for this fight based on the fact he agreed on weight and also wanting 8oz gloves (puncher’s gloves). I think Cotto will have a lot of confidence after beating Margarito in the rematch – to me he seems natural at this weight. What excites me is this will leave the door open for the winner to fight someone like Sergio Martinez or Manny Pacquiao. Winner: Floyd Mayweather, round 10 TKO. Mayweather

Rebecca Pitt, Ringnews24 Facebook
If Cotto tries out-boxing Floyd from the outside we will see the typical Floyd approach – whipping in straights, lead hooks and keeping the fight at a comfortable pace by keeping Cotto of balance and trying to prevent him from finding both rhythm and distance. Cotto has to take it to Floyd, take him out of that comfort zone and make Floyd work at a pace he ain’t used to. I personally think Cotto ain’t quite the same fighter he was a few years ago, and will maybe spend a bit too much time waiting and anticipating shots and letting Floyd use that broken rhythm to slowly pick him apart before going up a gear or two and trying to make a statement by stopping Cotto late in the fight. Cotto has got a chance, it’s whether he still has what it takes to unsettle Floyd and build from there. I like Cotto’S punch variety and movement, but don’t think this will be enough to knock Floyd off that perch. Mayweather

Rick Gagne, Ringnews24 Facebook
Mayweather will be too slick for Cotto – hopefully Cotto can catch him with some clean shots and rock Mayweather, but ultimately PBF should outclass Cotto and win a clear decision. I don’t think overconfidence will allow Mayweather to get caught as much as Cotto’s persistence and will to win will catch PBF at points during the fight, but in the end Floyd will do his thing and win a unanimous decision. Mayweather

Jim Holborn Jr, Ringnews24 Facebook
I can’t see Cotto ever finding away to beat Floyd Jr – Cotto is a good fighter with a good work rate and power but Floyd has too much skill and speed, which makes him almost impossible to land a clean punch on. Floyd will never stay on the ropes long enough for Cotto to take over, and will win on points – maybe even by 10 rounds or more. Mayweather

Scott Alexander Simpson, Ringnews24 Facebook
The latest instalment in the Mayweather show will not, in my opinion, be very competitive. Cotto got all the revenge he needed against Margarito in conclusive style, and that win put a lot of things straight for Cotto career-wise after the suspected illegal handwraps worn by Margarito in the first fight busted Cotto up to the extent he questioned his own desire to fight on and risk serious injury. After gaining revenge, I feel Cotto is only in with Mayweather for the money, and I expect him to be competitive for the first three rounds before Mayweather’s class allows him to pull and make it tough for Cotto. Although I expect slick counterpunching from Mayweather from the start, this is where he’ll start staying inside and unloading an extra three or four shots and Cotto will look to get out of there at the first opportunity. Maybe around the eighth, he’ll make the noises to force the referee or corner to stop the fight, leaving boxing for good, much richer but with the frustration of his lack of heart left in no doubt, staining the legacy of a great career.. Mayweather

David Lambert, Ringnews24 Facebook
A tough call folks – we lean towards Mayweather but Cotto could cause an upset – he would need to work inside on the ropes and try to catch Floyd. Mayweather’s legs aren’t what they were, not such a big spring in his style as father time catches up, but good luck to both warriors. Cotto

Dan Preece, Ringnews24 Facebook
I can see Mayweather picking his shots in the early rounds then in the eighth or ninth going for the kill. Saying that, it might be a totally different fight – I can’t see it though, as we all know how much class Mayweather has. Mayweather

Michael Lyons, Ringnews24 Facebook
I think Mayweather will come out boxing strong, but Cotto will catch up with him, and start putting pressure on him. If you remember the Ortiz fight Mayweather got caught with a few on the ropes and did not like it, also this is not the same Cotto that fought Manny – he will be stronger because he is at his comfortable weight. I think it will be a hell of a fight! and I think if Cotto does not cut up, he will stop Mayweather inside 10. I know, crazy pick but Mayweather is there for the taking. Also, if Cotto was not cheated against Margarito, and did not fight at a low weight against Manny – your talking two undefeated fighters. I think my heart might be picking this one but I stand by it. Cotto

Prediction Scores as follows

Boxing World: Mayweather 30 Cotto 3
Ringnews24 Writers: Mayweather 11 Cotto 1
Facebook and Ringnews24 Forum: Mayweather 15 Cotto 2

Total: Mayweather 56 Cotto 6


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