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Ringnews24.com interviews Dino Wells

Ringnews24.com speaks with David ‘Dino’ Wells, who, at having just turned 41, is on a journey to turn to professional boxing as a fighter. However, his story so far has consisted of battles outside the ring as he faces difficulties raising money for expensive and complex tests that the commission have required him to take before allowing him to turn into a professional prize fighter. Dino is also currently in the process of developing a feature length documentary titled ‘When The Bell Rings’ which Wells hopes will reach out to many as inspiration to deliver the message that you can achieve your dreams if you want it so badly!

Dino has kindly took time out to talk with us at www.ringnews24.com about many things including his current progress with his journey to finally become a professional fighter, his favourite boxers, his documentary and more!

So, without further ado……….

Ringnews24.com: Can you tell us what weight you will compete at if you are granted a license?

Dino Wells: I would ultimately love to fight at super middle weight, my old weight from the 90’s, but Light-heavyweight will do for now.

Ringnews24.com: Are you worried that at the age of 41 years old that boxing may have a impact on your health?

Dino Wells: No, I am healthy, eat healthy and train daily. I took time off from the sport and 16 years later I am well preserved and ready to bring the heat. I know there are younger faster lions out there but I’m good too.

Ringnews24.com: Have you thought about fighting semi-pro and earning money that way?

Dino Wells: No, I want the real deal.

Ringnews24.com: Why now do you wish to make your debut?

Dino Wells: We’re currently filming a documentary “When the bell rings”, about my life, it will show the reasons and all. Really, it’s in the blood stream. I want to be a better father to my children and have the means to do what I have to as a father for them, and respect. Once someone gets a hold of boxing and gets in that ring, two things will happen: 1. That someone gets hit and may never put the gloves on again, OR that someone will want to come back and hit harder. I missed the sport, for I was good at it at one point.

Ringnews24.com: And why didn’t you make it, say, 20 years ago?

Dino Wells: Well, to say this. I had a lot of people in my ear, like now. A lot of people wanting me to turn pro too fast when I wasn’t ready mentally. I had a lot of hardships going on around outside of the ring that over took my will and my love for boxing nearly withered away like a dead flower. So I  in the went into the entertainment business to build my career while hurting that I left boxing alone at the near peak of my amateur career. So 16 years later I’m back for one last whooorah!

Ringnews24.com: You must of faced tremendous difficulties in achieving a boxing license at your age. Can you tell us about the process and the tests that you undertook?

Dino Wells: Well, I was supposed to have my pro debut on April 14. I started my come back in California with Bob Edwards at Sweet Science boxing gym. He told me that at my age, 40 at the time that I will have to take a lot of tests because of my age. Things didn’t workout in Cali as planned, so the documentary team and I relocated to New Orleans to be closer to my children and train under a new trainer, Henry Wade. Training here in New Orleans for 7 months, hard with my strength coach Chase Dixon and sparring pro New Orleans future champion 7-0 Marcus McDaniels, I endured a lot to get to this point. I had two guys (not disclosing their names) state they would promote /manage me because they believe in me and my mission but instead they turned their back on me when they found out that I had to take a list of tests which are expensive. This was a week before the fight. So things went sour after that. I didn’t get to fight and I felt into a discouraged state of mind. Though I don’t quit and now seeking a new team who will believe in me. I know boxing is a sport and people are here to make money. I assure you, I’m 41, once I do raise the money to get these tests done I will prove all the haters and nay sayers wrong. Just because I’m 41 does not mean I’m at the end of the road. It’s just beginning for me, even though all the hardships I’ve been through in life. Sorry, this was a touch lengthy answer, for I am in tears speaking about this… Still have to get these tests done in order for me to fight. It’s a lengthy process MRI, eye exam, Neurologist, chest xray and a lot of other small stuff plus blood work.

Ringnews24.com: When you see guys like Bernard Hopkins shaking up the boxing world while in his 40’s, does that give you hope that you can compete at the highest level?

Dino Wells: I like Bernard, the thing is, he’s been fighting since the 80’s. I think he turned pro in like 88 if I’m not mistaken. He’s an inspiration but he kept doing his thing. He’s been boxing and has money to pay for whatever tests that needs to be done. I respect his swag and greatness. Holyfield is another. I respect anyone who pursue what they want and go at it non stop even at 40 and over.

Ringnews24.com: Do you ever tire of people asking you “why are you doing this?”

Dino Wells: It comes with the 40+ territory. I can say this, I don’t see those who doubt or Nay say do this. Plus, how many former amateur good boxers at 40 say they want to make a comeback and rightfully do it and succeed, over coming the hurdles and obstacles? I know two: me and this guy Rob Garris from New York. I know they may be more and they have the urge to do it. See, you have to click into gladiator mode and endure the pain, the road work, the sore nights to the point where the soreness makes you don’t want to get out of bed. That hunger and desire to want it keeps us pushing and numb to the pain and suffering. It’s to the point where I will DIE to get this and grasp at least 3/4 of what I was when I was in my 20’s. So people saying why are you doing this, I just simply say watch and see…

Ringnews24.com: Can you tell us a little bit about your passion for an acting career?

Dino Wells: Well, acting is a sub dream, my deal is writing and directing movies for the masses to talk about for generations. Acting, if it happens, I’ll dig deep in my soul and bring a character to life. My passion is becoming a well known screenwriter and director.

Ringnews24.com: How do you react to those who say that your only doing this to draw attention to your acting career?

Dino Wells: I would say that they are half correct because what ever I do is to better the further movement of my life on all levels rather its boxing, poetry or whatever else. I am a journey man in the entertainment business but boxing is a passion that ate at me for years when I was out. It’s not like I just decided I want to box and learn it the basics. Acting on the other hand, I really never had any REAL acting gigs instead of a lot of featured background work on Prison Break, Mama Flora’s Family and Glory Road. My documentary is the true me so maybe my screen presence in that will capture Hollywood’s attention and I can say this. I’m 100% natural being myself in the documentary.

Ringnews24.com: Now, I understand that you are having financial difficulties right now in funding your documentary. How much do you need to raise?

Well, we’re looking to exceed $3,500 and since I don’t have insurance, most of that is going to the doctors for the MRI and other stuff I need for the commission in order for me to fight.

Ringnews24.com: Have people been supportive of your decision to box over 40?

Dino Wells: Yes, Patricia Glenn my long time friend and producer of When the bell rings has been supportive, then I have Brad Bores and Tony Ledet which are the production team of ‘When The Bell Rings’ have been super supportive. Michael Blackett is someone I never met and supports my vision and a host of his friends as well. I have my friends from the spirit awards like Jason Bucy and Roslind Williams major supporters. My friend Trish Leydin from the Australia been a supporter of mines since I was on Prison Break. I have a lot of people that are connected to other friends and associates that are supportive in one way or another. So yes, I have quite a few. I really need that major support here http://www.indiegogo.com/whenthebellrings . It’s like 12 days left and anything helps for the goal to be exceeded or reached.

Ringnews24.com: Have you always been a fan of boxing?

Dino Wells: When I was out of boxing for the 16 years, I think 12 of those 16 I hated boxing because of how I left boxing and I really wanted to get back in but I was fat and out of shape. Nobody took me seriously on previous comeback attempts. I love boxing! My mom’s ex boyfriend introduced me to boxing back in the late 70’s by giving me authentic signed boxing gloves by Sugar Ray Robinson. Once he gave me those gloves I was hooked! I started watching Sugar Ray Robinson fights. When Ray Robinson passed in 1989 I was 18 years old and I started my career right after his death to pay homage to him.

Ringnews24.com: Who are your favorite boxers?

Dino Wells: Sugar Ray Robinson and Evander Holyfield.

Ringnews24.com: How far do you think you can go as a boxer?

Dino Wells: I just want ten fights and fight for a state title, retire at 45 or 46. If a world title contention would arise then I won’t run from it. I fear no one and would fight anybody. As people know in the gyms I’ve trained that I have heart, I have power and I am a tactician.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to your fans and followers?

Dino Wells: I would like to give my utmost thanks to all of the supporter, fans and friends. Please spread the word about me. I want to help others with my life story. I’m not perfect at all. Yet, I persevere resiliently through the hardships and want others to know that no matter what it is, they can too. Follow me on twitter @dinowells and @boxingtactician, send a friend request on facebook at www.facebook.com/dwellsjr like my fan page www.facebook.com/warriorsblood, if you want to donate to help me continue this mission then check out http://www.indiegogo.com/whenthebellrings and lastly check out the documentary web page www.whenthebellrings.com. Thank you and I love you all

Credit: Michael Blackett.


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