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RingNews24 catches up with Ashley Sexton

Earlier this week RingNews24.com writer Ryan McHugh caught up with Britain’s flyweight and super-flyweight sensation, ‘Flash’ Ashley Sexton.  From his world renowned KO of Usman Ahmed, to his two hotly contested fights with Mike Robinson, as well as featuring on the undercard to Haye-Klitschko, Flash Ash talks us through his career so far and his plans for the future.

RingNews24.com: You’ve recently signed with Frank Warren promotions, congratulations, how excited are you now for the future?

Ashley Sexton: I’m really excited, I can’t wait to get rolling with them.  Frank is the biggest British promoter and most of the World champions in recent years have all come through Frank, so I’m buzzing to be working with him, Francis and George. They can make things happen.

RingNews24.com: You’ve talked about World title fights in the future. How long do you think it will be before you can realistically challenge for a World title?

Ashley Sexton: Realistically I’ve got to be looking at 12 to 18 months, maybe more, but there are guys out there that have boxed for the WBC and WBA that don’t have a record like mine.  I’m just going to keep working and winning and hopefully I’ll get that call!

RingNews24.com: What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

Ashley Sexton: I just really want to keep busy fighting every 6-8 weeks and I’ve spoken to Francis Warren and my Manager Mickey Helliet and they both want that for me too.  I’d like to box for the super-fly Commonwealth title in my next fight then be looking at the British before the end of the year.

RingNews24.com: After winning the English flyweight title against Usman Ahmed, you challenged Shinny Bayaar for the British title in a fight which ended in a draw. Did you feel you had done enough to win that fight?

Ashley Sexton: I felt like I could have got it but it didn’t happen, the draw was probably the fairest decision.

RingNews24.com: Is there a reason you have recently moved up to super flyweight? Were you struggling to make the flyweight limit?

Ashley Sexton: Yeah I was killing my self.  It’s only 3lbs but it makes all the difference.  I’m a different fighter at 8stone 3lbs.

RingNews24.com: Could a challenge of British champion Lee Haskins be on the cards soon? Or how about a rematch with Shinny Bayaar?

Ashley Sexton: Yeah a match with Haskins is definitely on the cards but we will see what happens as he’s got the European title fight at Bantam coming up, so you could see me against Paul Butler or Luke Wilton if its vacant, who knows?  I’m just going to keep winning and box who ever The Warrens and Helliet put in front of me!  I don’t think a second fight with me and Bayaar will ever happen, he was offered a rematch after but choose to fight Paul Edwards which didn’t turn out to well for him, but if he’s in last chance saloon and needs the money its anyones guess.

RingNews24.com: You have a fight scheduled in London for the 3rd of May. Do you know who you will be fighting?

Ashley Sexton: I have not got a clue but the fight will be at 8stone 4lbs so the BBBofC will take me in to consideration for the Super-Flyweight British title.

RingNews24.com: Is there anything in the skill department you want to improve on?

Ashley Sexton: I’m always looking to improve on everything.  My speed, power, strength and defence, but one thing I’ll be doing after a few fights is going abroad to get quality sparring.  I’m looking at Mexico, Japan, Thailand or The Philippines.

RingNews24.com: Do you watch much boxing when you’re not fighting?  Who are your favourite boxers to watch?

Ashley Sexton: Yes I watch every fight that’s on the TV (BoxNation/Sky Sports/ITV/Eurosport) or a link on the net or Youtube.  I love boxing and always watch as much as I can get.  I watch everyone but I’m enjoying watching Saul Alvarez and Adrien Broner when they’re on, as well as Brandon Rios and my self haha!

RingNews24.com: Your first fight with Mike Robinson many thought was controversial and the rematch ended in a Split Draw.  How would you compare Robinson to the other fighters you have faced so far?  And will fight three happen?

Ashley Sexton: Mike’s a nice guy, an honest pro BUT if you beat someone you can’t get nothing from beating them again.  I thought the draw was a clearer win than the first win to be honest.  Me against Mike could happen again if he beats Donnelly for the English Super-Fly title, but since our draw I’ve been winning and he’s won one and lost two so there isn’t much for me to gain from beating him again, but I wish him all the best and good luck when be boxes next.

RingNews24.com: Your second fight with Mike Robinson was in Germany, how did you find the experience of fighting in another country for the first time as a professional?

Ashley Sexton: That was my second professional fight abroad.  I’d boxed in Germany two fights before the Haye/Klitschko fight but yeah it was great.  I love travelling and boxing, I’d fight anywhere in the world given the chance and I did as an amateur.

RingNews24.com: Where did the boxing nickname “Flash Ash” come from and what does it mean?

Ashley Sexton: Hahaha I had a “Flash” knock down that I thought was great and the trainers in Finchley ABC Joe Smyth Snr and Danny Oliver started winding me up calling me “Flash Ash” and it stuck.  I had it put on my shorts at 11 years old.

RingNews24.com: What do you think of Chris Edwards, Paul Edwards, Luke Wilson and the other top guys in your division?

Ashley Sexton: Yeah they’re all good and I wish them all the best.  There’s also Lee Haskins, Jamie Colon, Paul Butler and Kevin Satchell, they’re all good but I’d fight any of them.  I hope they do well but I’d fancy myself beating all of them.

RingNews24.com: Out of your 14 fights, two of them were in germany.  Do you find it harder to train for a fight that is going to be over seas with less fans there or does it make you train harder knowing you are the visting fighter?

Ashley Sexton: Yeah I train harder and there is a lot less pressure and you don’t have the hassle of selling tickets, it’s easy just chilling in a hotel.  I Travelled the world as an amateur so it never affects me travelling.

RingNews24.com: Has Frank Warren spoke to you about his plans for you as a fighter and what are they?

Ashley Sexton: I’ve sat down with Francis and we want to keep busy, keep winning and we’re looking at a fight with me and Paul Butler that will hopefully be for the British title before the end of the year.

RingNews24.com: Who is your current trainer and where do you train?

Ashley Sexton: I’m trained by Paul Rees with Andy Smith at Monster Gym in Cheshunt.

RingNews24.com: What was your amateur record and did you win anything as an amateur boxer?

Ashley Sexton: I had 97 ams, lost about 25.  I won 2 schoolboys, NACYP’s, Jr ABAs.  I got golds, silver and bronze for England in multi nations and had about 30 bouts for England and 2 for GB.

RingNews24.com: Which current champion would be your preference for a world title shot, if you could choose, and what makes you believe you can beat them in terms of your style?

Ashley Sexton: I’d like to fight the Japanese WBC champ Yota Sato, I’ve been watching him on youtube and I’d love to go to Japan to beat him, I’m waiting for the call!

RingNews24.com: If you could fight anyone from history who would it be and why?

Ashley Sexton: Benny Lynch because that man could fight!!  We would have a war then a nice beer after.

RingNews24.com: Many fighters have jobs outside of the ring, is this the case with you also, if so what is your day time job?

Ashley Sexton: I’m just labouring but I’ve started doing personal training recently so I’m hoping I can make that full time with my boxing.

RingNews24.com: What was your whole take on the Usman Ahmed fight?  From his arrogant ring walk to you then demolishing him inside of the first round.  And how do you feel about it becoming as big a Youtube hit as it did?

Ashley Sexton: I try to get away from the Usman stigma.  I don’t want everyone to think that I’m a one trick pony because I’m not, I can box and punch.  It was good for the fans and for me as it was my first title fight, as well as it being a good profile builder for what it did on Youtube, but that’s it.

RingNews24.com: What was it about The Warrens that enticed you in to signing with them rather than any other promotional outfit?

Ashley Sexton: Well apart from being the biggest British promoter and having their own boxing channel, it was meeting Francis and George Warren.  They want to make a name for themselves and they have the backing of their Dad, they want to rule the world, as do I so we fit in well together.  Also their office is at the bottom of my road in Cheshunt.

RingNews24.com: And finally, a few words for your fans?

Ashley Sexton: I’d just like to say thank you for the support that everyone shows me, fight after fight it really is amazing!  The messages I get on my Facebook and Twitter @FlashAshSexton, it really spurs me on in training and my fights.  I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without the backing of everyone out there, and this is just the start of a long successful journey that I hope everybody enjoys with me.  Buckle up because the rise has just begun!!!!


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