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Michael Grant challenges the Klitschkos

American Heavyweight Michael Grant is looking for a world title opportunity from anyone in 2012, and has the tools to get the job done. Grant (48-4-0 36KO’s) is up there with the best in the United States and held the NABA, NABF, IBC and most recently knocked out former world title challenger Frans Botha in South Africa to win the WBF world title.  Grant has won ten of his last eleven fights most recently had two highlight knock out wins in a row against Ty Fields (45-2-0) in Las Vegas and Frans Botha (48-5-3) in South Africa.

At the moment Michael Grant is looking to get the attention of any of the four major governing bodies, and is determined to prove he belongs and get the shot he believes he deserves.
“I have proved to the world that I am ready,” said Grant. “The Klitschko brothers, Povetkin, Mitchell and Areola need a challenge and I am the guy that can give it to them.  I am 6″7′ and 250lbs and have enough power to knock out everybody.  All I need is an opportunity.  I have put in the work and performed well in the ring. Now it is my time to shine.  I am the only American out there right now that matches up size and athleticism with the Klitschko brothers.  They know it and I know it.”

Boxing unfortunately is not all about what you do in the ring but also about the team of people that you have around you.  For that reason Grant has acquired the assistance of the young Georgia Hall of Fame promoter Shea Bailey, owner of Shea Bailey Promotions Inc, on in an advisory role.  “Shea and I have been friends for years and have spoken on several occasions about what it will take to get the shot that I need.  He also has a working history with the K2 promotions that goes back to 2008 when Irving Garcia fought Yuriy Nuzhnenko for the WBA welterweight title.  I think together with the rest of the team we can pull this off and give the U.S.A a heavyweight champion.

Grant has also added the upcoming trainer Jason Jorgensen.  Jorgensen has trained the likes of former world title contenders Alex Baba, Homer Gibbins, and current WBF Americas champion Tyrese Hendrix.  “Jason and I have really done well together.  We mesh well and we have had two big knock out wins in a row.  I like the direction that our relationship is headed in.” says Grant.

Also in the fray will be Jim Thomas Grant’s long time attorney and adviser.   Jim has been a fixture in Grant’s career over the last thirteen years.

Shea Bailey was brimming with confidence when speaking about Michael Grant and what he is looking to accomplish.   “Mike deserves a shot.  I don’t understand how with his last performances he is not even in the conversation.  He is going to surprise a whole lot of people, and has the gifts to get that elusive title shot that he deserves.  Hopefully Mike can get a world title fight in 2012.  He is a role model in and out of the ring and someone that all of his fans can look up to.  He deserves a chance to fight the big boys and I will break my neck to make sure he gets it.”


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