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Mayweather vs Cotto weighin details


Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr and Miguel ‘Angel’ Cotto entered a tense weighin ahead of their Saturday WBC diamond 154lb title fight.

Cotto entered wearing sunglasses looking relaxed while Floyd addressed the crowd and chewing gum, rather erratically.

Mayweather came in at 151lb, three pounds under the limit while the WBA Super champion Cotto weighed 154lb exactly.

Both boxers shared a long stare down, a lot longer than what fighters are usually accustomed to, and before long Floyd initiated his usual tactic of trash talking his opponent. Cotto bit back but did not look unsettled.

Floyd said after, “You’re facing the best. I feel great. Now it’s time for the fight.”

“He’s never faced anybody like Miguel Cotto. I’m ready for everything. This fight is for the whole latin heritage,” said Cotto.

Saul Alvarez and Sugar Shane Mosley weighed in for their chief support WBC 154lb title bout. Alvarez weighed 154lb while Mosley weighed a half a pound over the limit, much to the shock of the former three weight champion. Mosley has an hour to lose the half pound.

Mosley said after, “It should be alright, it’s only half a pound. I’m ready to go!”

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