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Audley Harrison targets Price


Targets David Price, Tyson Fury, Jonathan Banks or Seth Mitchell for a July showdown!

Former Olympic champion Audley A Force Harrison finished training camp today and announced himself ready for his final assault on the heavyweight division.

Audley leaves for England tomorrow, confident and focused for his bout with Ali Adams at the Brentwood Center, Essex, on Saturday 26th May.

Audley sparred today with undefeated heavyweights Malik Scott (33-0) & Joe Hanks (20-0), and looked like the A Force of old, with speed, confidence and power on show as he went through his rounds.

‘This training camp has tested my resolve to remain a prizefighter, as every injury I’ve ever had has come back to plague me in this camp, but I found that N.E.G.U (never, ever, give, up) spirit and kept it moving and turned back the clock; I feel great’.

Audley commented, ‘ I know its dangerous to look past an opponent, especially when their hungry and motivated like Ali Adams, but let’s be honest, I’m in a different league…taking charge of my training camp again, allowed me to reignite the passion, hunger and desire needed to succeed and I’m back to loving my boxing’.

After I give Ali Adams a lesson in the sweet science, I’m looking for a challenge with one of the upcoming heavyweights. I’m throwing my name into the hat with David Price, Tyson Fury, Jonathan Banks or Seth Mitchell.

‘I want to be honest about why I took the fight with David Haye.  It was the first time in my career that I took a fight and it was not about the glory and it showed in my mentality and confidence on fight night.

My doctors told me after the Sprott fight, your pec has already torn; another operation is likely not to be successful. I told them operate anyway; I refuse to retire now. I was forced to give up my European title and was told stay away from any contact for at least 12 months and see what happens.

I was in rehab when the fight offer from Hayemaker came through. I deliberated for days about whether to take it and I spoke with many people, but the final decision was mine’, commented Harrison.

With the money that was on the table, plus the chance to be involved in a world heavyweight title fight against my protégé, was too much to turn down. I thought you’ve got the shot you have always wanted, but your not going to be physically ready to fight. F..k it, you got to take it…

It hasn’t helped my legacy, but I can live with that. In 2011, I found a way to create some goodwill with my appearance on Strictly Come Dancing and I made my body heal’.

No excuses, ready to put in not one, but a succession of Olympic type performances to finish my career on a high and go out as a British bad boy, done good; who turned his life around and did himself, his family and his Country proud.

Through my trials and tribulations, people will come to understand the power of never ever giving up and rising up each time life knocks you down.


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