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‘Born Again’ Pacquiao vows to dazzle live on Primetime

‘Born Again’ Pacquiao vows to dazzle live on Primetime (Sky Channel 480)

LONDON (24 May 2012) – Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao has experienced a religious awakening in recent months but he knows his new found pacifism cannot be carried into the ring when he faces the undefeated three-time world champion Timothy Bradley on Saturday June 9th, live on Primetime (Sky Channel 480 and Virgin on Demand).

The reigning WBO welterweight world champion is keen to impress, but he knows he will have his work cut out against the young and hungry Bradley who cleaned up the 140lb division before now moving up in weight to face the legendary Pacquiao.

Following a close points decision win against his nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez last November, ‘Pacman’ is refusing to take his foot of the gas against the skilled Bradley.

“I don’t know what Tim Bradley will bring in the ring on that night but we will be ready for whatever he brings.  I know he will be 100% conditioned for the fight.  We have practiced every kind of fight in the ring with four different sparring partners,” said Pacquiao.

“Bradley is a different type of fighter [to Marquez] and we don’t take this fight lightly.  We have trained hard for Bradley because he is the type of fighter we cannot underestimate. Tim Bradley is undefeated and he is a champion,” he said.

Pacquiao’s life outside the ring has recently undergone a transformation with the eight-time world champion now frequently left spending his free time reading the Bible whenever he is not training, or fulfilling his role as a Congressman in the Philippines.

However, he is adamant that his new devout lifestyle will not get in the way when he faces off against Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on June 9th.

“When I committed my life to the Lord I gave up many things that were not in keeping with what the Bible teaches.  Boxing is a job and I do not look at it as anything more than that.  It will not affect my job,” he said.

Pacquiao’s well renowned trainer Freddie Roach agrees and thinks that his new found piety can only help his prodigy.

“Manny’s focus is very good,” said Roach. “We don’t have days where he comes in tired and so forth because he has no nightlife whatsoever, besides the bible study.  He is very focused on the fight.  He and God are very close right now and he is just a better athlete – with no distractions,” he said.

Speaking about fight night, Roach added: “If a knockout comes it will be a bonus.  Bradley is a great fighter and he’ll be resilient, but I think you’ll see the best Manny Pacquiao yet.”

In what is set to be one of the best fights of the year, Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley will be broadcast live and exclusive in the UK on Primetime (Sky Channel 480 and Virgin on Demand) for £14.95.

Pacquiao vs Bradley will be shown on Primetime, Channel 480 on Sky and Virgin On Demand, on Saturday night 9th June (Sunday Morning) for only £14.95.

To order call 0871 200 4444, Virgin customers go to On Demand>Pay Per View > Live events. Or go online at www.primetimelive.co.uk


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