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USA Today: “Bute set to go toe-to-toe on Froch’s home turf, Live on EPIX”

Rumors of super middleweight champion Lucian Bute nearly losing his right leg to a blood infection have been greatly exaggerated.

It was only his right big toe.

And Bute wasn’t exactly on the amputation table. But a doctor told him that if he had waited much longer to seek help for a painful blister he developed a month or so ago on his big toe that became infected, the toe might have had to go.

But the toe story has a happy ending. It was saved by antibiotics, and Bute is back to normal.

Bute’s fight story has yet to be told. The Romanian-born southpaw (30-0, 24 KOs) leaves his Canadian comfort zone to face Carl Froch (28-2, 20 KOs) in a title fight in Froch’s hometown of Nottingham, England, on Saturday (EPIX, EpixHD.com, 6 p.m. ET).

Bute, 32, is leaving nothing to chance against the tough Englishman who is coming off the second loss of his career, a unanimous decision against Andre Ward in the finals of the Super Six World Classic.

During training camp sparring sessions, Bute had loud noise pumped into the gym, including a screaming woman’s voice to mimic the sound of Froch’s beautiful, but foul-mouthed girlfriend, Rachael Cordingley, who makes her presence known at ringside during his fights.

Froch gets a chuckle out of that but says it won’t help Bute.

“It’s not just the noise. It’s the feelings, the vibrations,” Froch said during a conference call. “You can’t just hear it. It’s deafening in the arena. I know he’s fighting in front of 17,000 in the (Montreal) Bell Centre, but it’s a reserved crowd that sort of sits there, behaves and don’t make much noise. The atmosphere in the Nottingham arena, he’s not going to be ready for that.”

Though he’s the champ, Bute decided to fight on Froch’s turf to prove he could fight outside of Canada, which has happened only once in eight years, in 2011 in his native Romania.

“Froch wanted to fight at home,” Bute said. “So, we told his promoter, ‘Make us an offer. We’re going to go defend the belt in your place, and we’ll prove everybody wrong that I’m only fighting in Montreal.’ “

Bute is a superior boxer with better quickness, but Froch calls him overrated, saying he hasn’t fought near the quality of opponents. That might be true, given that Froch faced some of the top 168-pounders in the Super Six. His loss to Ward, he says, did not erode his confidence in the least.

“I got beat fair and square by the better guy on that night,” Froch said. “But it didn’t kill my confidence. I look at what a great fighter (Ward) is and I came close to ? beating him.”

Bute, known for his overhand left and vicious uppercut, said being called overrated by trash-talking Froch is expected.

“I’m not surprised,” Bute said. “He keeps saying bad stuff all the time. When he comes to fight, he likes to do that kind of comment, but I know who I am, and I know what I did. Let’s see what happens on the 26th.

Source: Fred Sternburg



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