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Battle of Britain hits Manchester in light middleweight showdown

A potentially explosive Battle of Britain will take place at the Bowlers Arena in Manchester this Saturday night as the British Light Middleweight title, presently held by ‘The Lion,’ Brian Rose, is put on the line against Paisley’s own, Kris Carslaw.

The Scottish southpaw, who comes into this bout with a 15(3)-1 record is not a worry for the current champion though, even though he hasn’t fought this style of fighter for a number of years.

“Carslaw is a totally different opponent,” Rose said.

“I’ve not actually boxed a southpaw fighter for a few years but I have been training with two in Kerry Hope and Jamie Moore.

“When you see the different styles of the opponents I’ve faced of late then this puts me in good stead for any future fights as well.”

And although Carslaw is a different opponent, Rose is seeing this as a challenge to take in his stride and the defending champion added that he is just expecting “a good, clean performance from me and to win the title in a convincing fashion.

“I’ve been training well and I’m very confident. I’m not looking for a stoppage but if it happens then so be it, I’d rather it go to points. Carslaw doesn’t worry me though and I’m positive I’ll emerge on Saturday with my title intact.”

Carslaw on the other hand has a different approach to the Rose. Both fighters’ lead different lifestyles and where the champion has been training and sparring with the likes of Kerry Hope and Jamie Moore, the latter in the Madeira hills of Portugal, the Scotsman has had to take time off work to prepare.

“I have taken four weeks off work to train full time for the Rose fight and feel like I am in the best shape of my life, mentally and physically,” said Carslaw.

“Training has gone great and to plan and I feel confident that I can bring the title back to Paisley using my boxing skills and again taking the feedback from the Matt Hall fight and working with that.”

The Hall fight for Carslaw was the only defeat on his copybook and Rose, with his own 19(5)-1(1) record, also having a lone defeat, the two losses pale in comparison to each other. However, both of those losses can pale in comparison to each other when looking at the picture as they can be seen to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Hall is seen as being a more exalted proposition for Carslaw, whereas Rose’s opponent, Max Maxwell had the added incentive of being the comeback fight from the Jason Rushton incident when Rose lifted the Central Light Middleweight.

In a twist of events Maxwell was to be the first defence of the title for Rose as well and which he adds that it “was my decision to make. He was a worthy opponent and it might have looked easy to those watching but it wasn’t.

“I was mentally prepared for the fight and I think I needed it after what happened before.”

However, for all that has gone on before, Saturday is about the here and now and Carslaw, in closing, said that he would “like to thank the people from Paisley for all their support during my career which is very much appreciated and to everyone who is travelling down to Manchester to support me in the biggest fight of my life so far, I couldn’t do it without them all.”

Support which to Rose is echoed but from a wider perspective when he imitated that “I have plenty of support around me, including financially from sponsorship so I’ve just had to concentrate on my training.” The support comes in abundance from not only those he is with virtually 24/7, but also from his family and friends, those who will be out in force again come Saturday night.

And, in a clear message to those around him Rose finished by stating clearly that “Carslaw doesn’t worry me though and I’m positive I’ll emerge on Saturday with my title intact.”


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