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Lopez “I feel like if there is someone at 147 I could knock out it would probably be Victor Ortiz”

This past Monday on ATG Radio we had the pleasure of talking to Josesitio Lopez who will be facing Victor Ortiz on June 23 at the Staples Center.  Josesitio was originally slated to face Kendall Holt on an ESPN2 FNF card, but Holt pulled out to problems with the contract stipulations.  With no fight on the books, Jose learned first hand that “one mans misfortune can be another man’s treasure.”  Andre Berto was forced to withdraw from the Ortiz for a positive PED test.  Josesitio has this to say of the opportunity “This is the biggest moment of my career, it is my Rocky moment!”  Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On the pressure he has to stop Ortiz

“I know the pressure is there.  I am going to go in there and give it my mall.  I feel like if there is someone in the 147 division that I can knockout it would probably be Victor Ortiz.  He is not known to have the greatest chin, not the best defense, and I feel like I can expose that.  We are definitely going to exchange some punches, and I feel that he will feel my power at 147.”

On moving up to 147

“This is my first fight at 147.  I have been fighting at 140 for most of my career.  I think I fought once at 140 and a couple times at 142.  I think it is a great thing.  I have never gone into camp with this much energy, not having to cut weight.  I am a taller fighter, I’m 5’10” and I do have to work to make 140.  Now I have to work hard to maintain 147.  It is completely different; I am eating a lot now and training a lot harder.  I have the energy to train harder at the gym.  It is really good I think it is going to be more of an advantage for me at 147 than Ortiz.”

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