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Bailey K.O’s Jones: The Crowning of a Paper Champ?

Last Saturday night in Vegas’s MGM Grand on the under card on Pacquiao and Bradley, 37 year-old ‘K.O King’ Randall Bailey (43-7) became a three-time world title holder, winning the vacant IBF Welterweight title by K.O against the up and coming 29 year-old Mike Jones (26-1). After an uneventful bout the stoppage occurred in the 11th round, despite the fact that Jones had been edging practically every round. It was an absolute sucker punch yet I cannot help but feel really happy for Bailey, especially when he could barely respond to question during the post-fight interview because he was so overwhelmed with emotion.

What is suprising is that the quality demonstrated by the two is far from what we should expect from a world title fight. It is when fights like this occur that makes me question the very credibility of some title holders when there are four for each weight class.

The action in the ring as I said was tremendously dull and boring, Bailey was slightly more aggressive than his opponent, landing a few good clean punches which gained him the first two rounds. Following this however without doing anything impressive whatsoever Jones began to edge every round simply by doing slightly more. He did not demonstrate the more exciting style he his used to.

Later on in the bout he began to box a bit more recklessly, and instead of doing what he should of done was showcase his skills he began to get lazy. His footwork was becoming sloppy and his guard was not always fully up. Even when I noticed this i still did not consider the possibility of Jones losing besides the off-chance of Bailey catching him with a perfect shot, and that is exactly what happened.

It first came in the form of a right hand knockdown in the 10th round. Jones did not look really hurt by this despite Bailey’s great power as the punch was just clean and it was the force which knocked him over. The next round Jones began to carry on as normal until later on in the round were the K.O came in the form of a beautiful uppercut which made Jones uncontrollably fall backwards.

Despite the shock ending the fight in general was not impressive whatsoever. It is disappointing that this qualifies as a title shot, vacant or not, at the historically glamorous Welterweight division. Although it is understandable that as Berto vacated the belt had to move on but the display on show did not meet standards.

Moving on from this, Mike Jones has suffered a considerable blow to his career, as had he won the bout as expected he would have his first world title round his belt and greater options moving forward to cement his legacy. Now it appears he must go back to the drawing board and go on the roundabout again so to speak in order to gain another title shot. I do not doubt he will succeed however due to the ability he has shown prior in his career. Moreover, his attitude was in the right place as in the interview he was gracious and respectful in defeat and pointed out that he must come back from this and that he is not finished.


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