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The Boxing World’s Predictions – Tomasz Adamek v Eddie Chambers

Video preview by Ryan Kinzett

Eddie Chambers
“I feel that my superior boxing ability will carry the night for me and I will win via unanimous decision or by a late KO!”

Dan Goossen, Goossen Tutor Promotions
Any fighter in front of Eddie Chambers that is not 6’5″ or over will have problems with him – he’s smart, fast and tough; a real heavyweight in a cruiserweight body

Boxing World

Frank Stea, ATG Radio
Great Fight! Both guys have a similar fight style that will make for an exciting battle. In my opinion, the winner gets the title “Best Heavyweight Not Named Klitschko.”

I don’t see this fight ending in a stoppage unless it’s on cuts. This will go a close 12 rounds. My heart is with Chambers because he trains out of my hometown of Philadelphia. Because the fight will be at The Prudential Center, the crowd advantage is with Adamek. I’m going to be unorthodox with my prediction and say this fight ends in a DRAW.” Draw

Shea Bailey, Shea Bailey Promotions
I like this fight: you have Adamek who is a very small heavyweight and Chambers who is a mobile and undersized heavyweight. Chambers has many advantages in this fight but I do not think the defence and speed will be enough.  No knockdowns and the fight goes the distance – Adamek wins a very close decision by outworking Chambers throughout the night. Adamek

Leon R. Margules, Warriors Boxing
I believe Chambers’ boxing ability will keep him in the fight in the early rounds. However his lack of power will allow Adamek to come forward and work his body, ultimately breaking him down. Adamek

Matt Yanofsky, CEO of Knockout Publicity
I’m taking Chambers by decision. Adamek is very easy to hit and Chambers is a quick, accurate puncher with good defence – his speed and high guard will give Adamek fits and neutralize his jab. Chambers

Moose Lewis, IBU Boxing
Adamek is more of puncher, lands more effectively; Chambers just doesn’t have the power to impress judges and I don’t think he can hurt Adamek. If Adamek get Chambers in ropes he can turn the heat up.  Adamek

Greg Cohen, Greg Cohen Promotions
Really tough fight to pick. I think it is going to be dead even.  Both guys are excellent boxers, have big time experience and have huge hearts.  If you put a gun to my head I’ll say Chambers by razor-thin decision in a very entertaining fight.  Chambers

Rick Glaser, Professional Boxing Businessman.
It’s a fight of two non-punchers and both have real good chins so this spells distance fight to me. Both fighters have very good hand speed and boxing ability, but I give a slight edge to Chambers, as I started to see a little wear in Adamek’s armour in his last fight in March. Chambers will carry this fight with his volume punching, and the fresher guy – Chambers – will win a close decision. Chambers

Tim Kudgis, ATG Radio
Eddie Chambers vs Tomasz Adamek is a fight I have been asking for. If you had asked me a year ago I would not even hesitate to say Chambers would box his ears off – the problem is Chambers has been inactive for over a year and has been plagued with injuries, so it is tough to tell what type of shape he is in.

On the other side of the ring is Adamek, who showed ton of heart in his title attempt against Vitali Klitschko, though I have never been impressed with him as heavyweight – he proved he lacks power and he doesn’t have the fastest hands. Also, slick boxers like Jason Estrada haven given him trouble.

The bottom line is even if not in the best shape, Chambers is 10 times more dangerous than Estrad – he always has speed and will not have to worry about power against Adamek. If he builds confidence then Chambers is a high school football player and Adamek is a drunk cheerleader, because Chambers will have his way with him.

“Fast” Eddie by unanimous decision. Chambers.

Terrance Lane, letsgetitonboxing
First of all, I love this fight. I think that Adamek has always risen to the occasion, and will outwork Chambers. I see Adamek getting off first, initiating the action, and getting the better of the exchanges. This should go the whole way, and I see Adamek getting his had raised. Adamek

Bob Trieger, Full Court Press
Adamek is the classier fighter having fought better quality opponents.  He’ll have his great Polish fans behind him and is just one tough guy who keeps coming. Adamek by decision. Adamek

Ismael Rubio, Boxing Publicist
Tomasz Adamek and Eddie Chambers are in dire need of rebuilding their respective careers after key losses to the Klitschko brothers. Adamek, 35, los a one-sided TKO loss to Vitali Klitschko while Chambers, 30, did not fare any better against Wladimir. Chambers, 36-2 (18 KOs) will bring on a good defense, good boxing skills and speed, while Adamek, 45-2 (28 KOs), will probably be the aggressor and will put pressure on Chambers. With both fighters lacking clean one-punch knockout power, it should be an interesting strategic affair.

It is doubtful that Chambers will be able to box and keep Adamek at bay and the this should make for a close match with exiting exchanges in which the “hometown” advantage of a large Polish-American crowd at the Prudential Center.could very easily be the difference in the fight. Prediction: Tomasz Adamek wins by decision. Adamek

Joe DeGuardia, Star Boxing
Interesting style matchup.  Chambers may pose some difficulty for Adamek as he has fast hands, but Adamek is also fast with his hands and is more apt to engage.  Adamek’s intensity, activity and desire to win will be too much for Chambers, who has been out of the ring for a while.   I see Adamek using those factors and the motivation from his vocal crowd to win a unanimous decision. Adamek

Ricardo Rodriguez, Universal Promotions
I think it will be Adamek by TKO in the late rounds. I see Adamek pushing Chambers to the limit before stopping him. Adamek

Doug Jacobs, Integrated Sports Media
IAdamek by decision – the relentless Pole will be the aggressor, keeping pressure on Chambers from the opening bell. Chambers will be competitive the first half of fight but Adamek will take control and cruise to fairly easy decision. Adamek

John Scully, Boxing Trainer
I think it is a very interesting fight and is almost a pick ’em type of match-up – I could see either guy winning, really. It will almost definitely go to a decision and will be highlighted by a lot of good boxing, especially good boxing skills for heavyweights. I wouldnt bet on it but Ill go with Adamek by a close decision. Adamek

Daxx Kahn, TalkinBoxing With Billy C TV & radio
Chambers vs Adamek is a crossroads fight for both men, moreso for Chambers who has become a forgotten man in boxing. Adamek though is still very good and the only reason why Adamek is not already a champion at heavyweight is size. Factor in speed, ring smarts, ability to brawl, adjust mid-fight if need be and Adamek had the edge in all of those – remember this is a two-division champion that is not faded.

Tomasz beats Eddie to a 12 round UD – he wants it more, he has more left in him and is bettter than Chambers at Eddie’s own game, though I would not be surprised if Eddie does not make the distance. Adamek

Dino Wells, Professional Boxer
Well seeing as Eddie and Tomasz both lost to the heavyweight goliaths, I think they both have something to prove. Eddie has a good chance to come out the victor because of his skill, though his suspect chin and heart tells my boxing gut that Adamek will KO him early within six rounds. Adamek

Ringnews24.com Writers

Ross Harris

This fight could be a real last-chance saloon for both of these boxers in terms of their heavyweight title ambitions: Chambers has already lost to Wlad and Povetkin, so needs a win in a fight like this to prove he’s worthy of another shot or else it could be the end of the road.Meanwhile, Adamek has more options to fall back on should he lose -the Pole was a world-class operator at both light-heavy and cruiserweight, but lacks the frame to really compete with the best at heavyweight.Adamek could step back down the divisions where there are big matches still to be made (rematch with Dawson, Hopkins, Cleverley, Huck), whereas Chambers would be relegated to the role of gatekeeper, being fed as a stepping stone to the likes of David Price, Seth Mitchell and Deontay Wilder.

I would like to see Chambers win as I think he offers the more intriguing match-ups in this division and I also think if he is at the top of his game and in good shape he could spring an upset. I can’t see a stoppage in this fight – both men have good chins and enough ring-smarts to avoid making silly mistakes and getting caught, so I’m predicting a tight points win for Chambers, possibly a controversial split-decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way or even ended a draw, but I think the home crowd might be enough to sneak Chambers over the line. I expect the scoring on all 3 cards to be very close – I can’t see either man winning by more than 4 rounds on a card. Chambers by the smallest of margins. Chambers

Ryan Kinzett
This is a very good heavyweight contest which either guy can win on paper. Chambers has the better record at heavyweight, having beaten the likes of Alexander Dimitrenko, Samuel Peter and Calvin Brock. He may also have the edge in skill, but Adamek has the edge in heart, determination and workrate.

I think it might come down to Adamek having the busier schedule in the last few years – he has fought on average 3 fights a year for most of his career, whereas Chambers has only fought four times in the past four years and this will be his first fight in nearly 18 months because of injury problems.

I think Adamek will be too busy for the returning Chambers: it will be a tough fight for both guys but one that Adamek will win. Adamek unanimous decision.  Adamek

Joe Mitchell
I have never really rated Adamek as a heavyweight, and although I do not think Chambers is that good either, I think he should have enough to win a clear points decision. Both should really be crusierweights. Chambers

Dave Murphy
I like Adamek’s more aggressive nature – often Chambers is too tentative and Adamek will also draw on the strength of the support he’ll receive from a Newark Prudential Center jammed full of his vocal Polish fans. Adamek by split decision in a better-than-expected tilt. Adamek

Daniel Norris
I don’t think size matters in this one – both are small heavyweights who should probably be at cruiserweight. Either way, this is a good, even fight no matter what theweight. I favour Tomasz Adamek in this one though, and I think Adamek will winby a pretty wide margin. Eddie Chambers just doesn’t generally have a third and fourth gear he can get to – he’s usually stuck in first and second gear, meaning he’ll throw one punch, take some time off, throw another one, take some time off; he doesn’t throw punches in bunches. Adamek has that extra ability, moves well, has a good jab and throws combos pretty frequently. And that’s the key – Adamek will win because he’ll throw much more punches. It’s pretty much guaranteed this fight will go the distance as both have good chins, and neither hits hard at all. Adamek UD. Adamek

Rob Day
This is an intriguing fight and the contestants look well matched: both are top-10 heavyweights and on the small side. Adamek has been the more active as Chambers dropped out of a few scheduled fights over the last year or so. I rate Chambers’ skillset higher and believe he will outbox the flat-footed Pole.

It does concern me whether Chambers’ focus and dedication has gone since his defeat to Wladimir Klitschko, but I’m hoping that he turns up 100%. If he does then he wins this fight. Adamek is a decent fighter but has beaten too many fringe fighters at heavyweight. Chambers on a unanimous decision. Chambers

Adamek is a hall-of-fame-quality fighter with credentials out the kazoo, so I’d expect him to outclass the superior heavy record of Chambers, who seems done as a fighter unless he stages a great comeback from all his injuries and cancelled fights. Adamek

Dave Allen
Chambers could spring a surprise – he is the younger by five years and has, like Adamek, beaten some good opposition. I would go for the upset with Chambers squeaking through on points – should be a good scrap. Chambers

Fans’ Predictions from our RN24 Facebook and RN24 Forum

Otley Snr, Ringnews24 Forum
I can see Chambers winning behind his jab, but I can also see Adamek using a lot of in-and-out fighting to outscore the slower Chambers. Tough call, split win for Chambers. Chambers

Brooklynbrawler, Ringnews24 Forum
My gut feeling is that Adamek is too small to make a big impact at heavyweight, even though  he is a cracking boxer and deserves credit for taking on another top opponent in Chambers. He has beaten Arreola, who you would have to admit, is the standout heavyweight on his resume, but bar his power, he is tailor-made for a slicker, faster boxer.

“Fast Eddie”, on the other hand, has a few decent heavyweights on his record, like Sam Peter and Alexander Dimitrenko. He may be undone by inactivity though. Both fighters are one fight on from a Klitschko loss, but Chambers will have been out of the ring for almost a year and a half by the time he faces Adamek. He’s also not a big puncher and not particularly big in stature either, so while he has a lot better technique than your average heavyweight, he’s not much bigger than a lot of cruiserweights, and this means it’s an level playing field.

I fancy Adamek to take a very close decision win, though it’s a tough one to call with any certainty. Adamek

Ken Kuren, Ringnews24 Facebook
I think this is a terrible style match-up for Adamek and I think Chambers is going to upset him and take the decision.  Chambers

Danny Hill, Ringnews24 Facebook
Adamek has looked good at heavyweight against an out-of-shape Arreola with a broken hand and then a few faded heavyweights and gatekeepers. Chambers is a very good technician but sometimes he’s a bit sluggish (Sorry if you read this Eddie – great knockdown in round six against Rossy – don’t hurt me!) I think it’s a close fight, one I’m looking forward to watching. Adamek has the edge on speed, but I think Chambers could hit him with something he doesn’t see coming. Chambers

Rick Gagne, Ringnews24 Facebook
Adamek should be able to press the action enough to make it interesting, while Chambers should outslick Adamek. I think that Chambers still has something left in the tank, contrary to a lot of people’s current opinions of him. He looked bad vs. Klitschko, but most people do and I’m not holding it against him. Chambers

Predictions Summary:

Boxing World: Adamek 12 Chambers 4 Draw 1
Ringnews24 Writers: Adamek 4 Chambers 4
Facebook and Ringnews24 Forum: Adamek 1 Chambers 4

Total: Adamek 17 Chambers 12 Draw 1


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