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Mayweather Sr blasts boxing commission

Floyd Mayweather Sr has stated that he thinks the call for a formation of a national US boxing commission to oversee appointed officials is just a mere overreaction to Timothy Bradley’s upset win over Manny Pacquiao a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking to On The Ropes Radio, Mayweather Sr said, “I thought the fight was a close fight but I thought Pacquiao edged it out, so I definitely thought that Pacquiao was going to get the fight, no question in my mind. I was surprised!

Everybody has got a bad decision in boxing before! Now all of a sudden ‘cause he is from the Philippines and he got a bad decision, now they are going to put the damn government in it! Bullshit, that’s all it is!”

I think Mayweather Sr isn’t looking at the larger picture here. With other controversial points decisions recently, such as Brandon Rios’s win over Michael Abril, it is understandable why a call of this measure is required. It is not about race, it is about attempting to maintain any integrity that boxing has left.


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