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Chisora and Charles working towards Haye downfall




Following the premier of Haye/Chisora: Beyond The Ropes on BoxNation (Sky Ch. 456/Virgin Ch. 546), a story came out regarding an altercation that took place in the gym between Dereck Chisora and his trainer Don Charles.


The altercation did happen in Chisora’s gym in Finchley, but the pair resolved their differences soon after and are now working hard towards the big heavyweight fight at West Ham United on Saturday 14th July.


Charles, who has trained Chisora to British and Commonwealth titles and a WBC World title challenge, has been associated with Chisora for ten years and the pair have a close and intense, but successful relationship.


Chisora said, “This has been made out to be a big deal because people don’t see what goes on behind the gym doors which is why the BoxNation Beyond The Ropes show will give viewers unbelievable access to the fight.  We are always arguing and rowing ahead of fights, it’s nothing new.  When a fight as big as this against Haye is coming up, tensions are going to be high because it means everything to me to win.  We were both cool again soon after and now we’re focused on beating Haye.”


Charles added, “What’s happened has happened and we’ve moved on from it now.  You see incidents like this in other sports when passions are running high like Alex Ferguson and David Beckham a few years ago.  I want Derreck to win the fight as there is so much at stake and that is our primary aim.”


Some vastly exaggerated headlines suggest that the fight between Haye and Chisora is in crisis which is certainly not the case with over 28,000 tickets sold and with the fight being televised live in the UK on BoxNation, EPIX in America, Sky Germany and 60 other countries.


Tune in to Haye/Chisora: Beyond The Ropes next Wednesday on BoxNation (Sky Ch. 456/Virgin Ch. 546) at 7.30pm to see the next thrilling episode.


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