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Eddie Chambers undergoes surgery

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Chambers - Adamek - Credits to Rich Graessele
Chambers – Adamek – Credits to Rich Graessele


Eddie Chambers will undergo surgery today to repair an injury he suffered during his June 16th NBC Sports Network “Fight Night” battle against Tomasz Adamek.

Chambers  revealed, “At the end of the first round I felt something rip. I remember thinking ‘Hey, that didn’t feel right’. It turns out I the tore a tendon that connects my bicep to the bone. I am having surgery to repair that.”

Chambers is anxious to get back in the ring, “Once I have the surgery, I will do physical therapy for about  2 months. I will keep in shape physically.  You know running, and anything that doesn’t require upper body, etc. Just to stay in shape and stay ready so that once I get back it’s not going to take as long to get ready for fighting. I want to get back into a fight as soon as I possibly can after that.”

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