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VADA Testing Winds Blow Strong

VADA Testing Winds Blow Strong

by Richard Allan McRae

The Volunteer Anti-Doping Association was started by Dr. Margaret Goodman after years of research. 1993 was Dr. Goodman’s first experience with professional boxing, she was asked to perform a neurological assessment of a professional boxer after he could not compete in his previous bout which was canceled because of the dizziness he was suffering from. That was the defining moment in Dr. Goodman’s career, it launched her into becoming an advocate for the safety and health of all non-weapon armed professional fighters, this includes MMA fighters as the MMA sport has grown.

Through 2011 all the procedures and policies were developed, and by December of that year VADA officially opened their doors to accepting all fighters for testing. In January of 2012 VADA began testing with 2 professional boxers, Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz. It has been well published all around the boxing world it was Andre Berto who requested the Volunteer Anti-Doping Association perform the testing before his fight with Victor Ortiz. Ironically it was Berto who failed the testing, trace amounts of a supplement called Norandosterone. Again it happened when Lamont Peterson requested VADA testing before his rematch with Amir Khan. Peterson tested positive for synthetic testosterone. He claimed to be suffering from a medical condition which cause low testosterone levels.

Since that time many other professional boxers have come forward and used VADA testing, Saul Alvarez and Shane Mosley both completed VADA testing before their May 5th, 2012 bout. Recently World Champion Nonito Donaire has committed himself to VADA for true and complete Olympic style testing. Donaire is the 1st professional boxer to submit himself to this year round testing, beginning July 8th, 2012.

Sadly no Boxing Commission worldwide has formed a relationship with the VADA! For years boxers have been taken advantage of by promoters and managers. Dr. Goodman has provided professional boxers and MMA fighters a safe haven, where they can go for support and counseling regarding performance enhancing drugs, or any other type of drug. You may ask why these professionals don’t just use the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) which covers all sports. Professional boxers and MMA fighter have a very low level of trust amongst other athletes, after all the abuse they’ve endured within their own circles. Dr. Goodman and her team have worked extremely hard as an organization to develop a level of trust with professional fighters. VADA is independent of everyone and ever entity (commissions, promoters, managers, networks, and sanctioning bodies). That is the most important point; it is a fighter driven program for and about the athletes. The Volunteer Anti-Doping Association is a tax-exempt charitable organization. As a fan of professional boxing 1st, and 2nd a writer who covers professional boxing. I urge you to visit the VADA website, http://vada-testing.org/index.php

VADA is bringing credibility back to professional boxing, with a new tool called science! Each and every day the VADA gains momentum and brings new professional boxers into their fold. As fans of this great sport we should stand behind the VADA who are reshaping the term “The Sweet Science”!


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