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Interview: ‘Kid Chocolate’ Speaks Out!

Interview with Richard Allan McRae


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); Boxing fans it an honor & privilege to have Peter Quillin a.ka. Kid Chocolate, on the phone with us today on this July 4th holiday, do you prefer Kid Chocolate or Peter Quillin?


K.C. – People call me Peter, Pet, Quillin, and of course Kid Chocolate.


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); let’s go with Kid Chocolate today, I think it’s one of the best nickname in boxing today. And it’s great you dug into your Cuban heritage and resurrected the legendary name of the one of the all-time greats.


K.C.; Thank-you, I read and studied all about the original Kid Chocolate, before I used that nickname. At first people made fun of it, but as I grew in my career that all went away.


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); what age did you first start boxing and who inspired you?


K.C.; I started boxing when I was 15, but as a kid I watched as many fights as I could. Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, and Tyson. I’ve always been a fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr., and always looked up to him because where both from Grand

Rapids, Michigan.


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); every boxer I’ve talk to tell me there was a defining moment when they fell in love with the sport of boxing. When was that for you?


K.C.; I remember I was a kid watching the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Felix “Tito” Trinidad fight, and something inside me said you can do this!


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); How did it feel to be in the ring with a legend like Ronald “Winky” Wright and to win


K.C.; It was great! I’ve got a lot of respect for him, he’s a legend like you said. But going into the fight no one gave me a chance. There was a lot of negative, bad talk about me going into the bout. Some reporter wrote I was using performance enhancing drugs; I’m not even going to mention his name. I lost respect for the media then. But now talking you I feel respected, I can tell your honest and not look for just the bad stuff to grab headlines. But back to the fight it was strange Winky wanted a rushed drug test, everyone knows those last minute tests the results done comeback after the fight. We both tested with the USADA, both test samples came back negative! I live as clean a life style as any boxer can; I’ve never put crap in my body and never will. I was in top shape; I had a 14 week training camp. The only people who gave me a chance to win were my Advisor Al Hayman and everyone in my camp.

R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); you have an open date on September 8th, 2012 any names put in front of you as an opponent yet?


K.C.; I’m not concerned I’ll fight anyone they put in the ring with me.


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); Do you feel you’re being over look for a title shot? With a 27 (KO 20) -0 -0


K.C.; Not at all! All the champions are fighting around that date; it’s just a conflict on the schedule. My time will come, and I’ll continue to improve my record! I’ll full fill my dream one day of being a World Champion!


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); I’ve read and been told you have K.O. power in both hands, and can fight either orthodox or southpaw. Which do you prefer?


K.C.; Yes that’s true I can fight out of any stance but I prefer to box orthodox.


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); I understand you’re a big music fan, what do you like listening to before a fight?


K.C. – Ron Sheddy, he’s a new performer but his music hit me right away! But I really enjoy a lot of different artists, it’s a long list.


R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); And what about when your chilling out or just cruising around?


K.C.; Just before you called I was relaxing’ listening to Future, Weekend (The Canadian band), Ron Sheddy



R.A.M. (ringnews24.com); you get the last word, anyone you want to shout out to?


K.C.; First all the fans who come to or watch boxing, ringnews24.com for giving me a fair interview, my Family, God, Ron Sheddy, Golden Boy, my Advisor Al Hayman and a xxx xxx Ishe Smith.


In closing I’d like to say; “Somewhere along the way Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin got a bad rap”. He was one of the most decent and respectful boxers I’ve spoken with in my writing career. He’s a class act and fully supports my style of writer to clean up the sport of boxing. To be honest the great sport of Professional Boxing needs more upbeat, clean living, and boxers like Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin.

Last of all he’s has a great sense of humor, with the personality to match it. He welcomed me and left me with a feeling of comfort; like I had just spoken with a friend.


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