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Gary Russell Jr.: A Star is Born

***A Super Star is Born***

If you’re a hardcore boxing fan or the casual fan who rents the big ticket PPV’s.

You have most likely seen Gary “Mr.” Russell Jr. boxing, he’s the 24 year old Ring Magazine named Prospect Of The Year for 2011. Gary Russell Jr. at the time was 23 years of age; he fought 6 times in 2011 and started off 2012 with a bang on June 30th with a 3rd TKO victory over Christopher Perez, who was no pushover. Perez entered the bout 22(KO 14) -2 -0. Russell Jr. who openly admits to having hand injuries his whole career, stated after his last fight in November 26th of 2011 against Heriberto Ruiz was the first time he had no hand problems. The bout lasted a whole 2:12 of the 1st round as Russell Jr. won via KO.

Gary “Mr.” Russell Jr. is the next big thing for American fans to cheer on, as they’ve sat and watch the majority of the top prospects and current title holders come from around the globe. Now with a record of 20 (KO 12) -0 -0 and two 10 round bouts under his belt, his next big step will be to climb into the ring for a 12 round fight or the possibility of one more 10 rounder. Either way I’m going out on a limb and saying Russell Jr. will have an alphabet belt around his waist by the end of 2012! With only an 8 pound weight difference between the junior lightweight division and the junior featherweight division, Russell Jr. will have a lot of good talent to choice from. He’s already brought up the name of Nonito Donaire, has a potential opponent down the road. Russell Jr.’s handlers are bringing him along at a steady pace, placing decent opponents in front of him and he’s getting straight A+’s every outing.

What makes Gary Russell Jr. so special is first and for most his natural hand speed!

Watching Gary Russell Jr. box is like watching a mixture of Jake LaMotta, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Joe Frazier! He has LaMotta’s aggressiveness to always come forward, Sugar Ray Robinson’s hand speed and boxing skills, and Joe Frazier’s ability to compact himself to throw a thundering power punch! I’m not sure the young 24 year old will ever enter into the category of those ring legends. But one thing is for certain Gary Russell Jr. has all the tools to become a great champion one day and the likeable attitude to keep up a huge fan following.


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